Two twenty-three year olds Roope Hintz and Denis Gurianov have established themselves as two of the Stars’ best offensive weapons.

Through development and experience, these two could become one of the league’s best one-two punches. We’ve already seen Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin, Jonathan Toews/Patrick Kane, and more recent duo of Connor McDavid/Leon Draisaitl.

Looking at those pairings why not Hintz, and Gurianov?

Hockey is certainly a team sport. While select players are highlighted by fans, and critics but everyone still plays a role. The Stars juggle their lines quite a bit. Both Hintz, and Gurianov will have times to play together as well as on separate lines like any other great duo. Line shuffling goes on throughout the game. Especially on five on five, and the power play.

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Denis Gurianov is a threat for opponents with his speed, and scoring abilities. But his game is not fully developed yet. His defensive struggles have led to decreased minutes during the game.

Interim coach Rick Bowness said:

“So he needs to be more reliable, but he’s a coachable kid. It’s not a natural instinct yet, but we’ll get him there.”

He’s only twenty-three. He’ll get there.

Athletes come, and go in the salary cap world. But considering the production, and youth of both Hintz and Gurianov there’s no reason to think they’re going anywhere. The more these two play on the same team, the more chemistry will get developed. Comradery will also come.

For Roope Hintz not only does he skate with blazing speed, but he has a wicked shot. As teammate Corey Perry says:

“It’s hard to explain…He’s so big and strong that he shoots it pretty hard. It’s almost like he whips it, kind of, but more snap. I don’t know. It’s very deceiving to me.”

To be honest Roope has struggled recently with his goal scoring, but he’ll bounce back. The entire team aside from maybe Joe Pavelski has struggled putting the puck in the net. Most if not all goal scorers go through stretches where they struggle to put the puck in the net. It’s more of a team issue right now than an individual issue. Maybe a team meeting, or changing up practice will shore that problem up.

For the potential of Hintz, and Gurianov becoming a legitimate scoring duo some of this may come down to coaching. This can include who skates with who on what line. As well as power plays, and penalty kills. And whether current (interim) head coach Rick Bowness, or possible future head coach decides whether or not to give more, or cut ice time.

Getting Roope Hintz’s production help could be assisted by who he plays on a line with. It’ll be up to coach Bones, but there will always be ideas thrown out there.

Mark Zimmerman from Defending Big D had a suggestion:

“Offensively, Dallas needs to get back to how it scored goals all season; the transition game. That means reuniting Roope Hintz and Denis Gurianov, preferably with Jason Dickinson to supply a bit of defensive responsibility.”

As a team with their current offensive struggles they should both get more ice time, as well as play as top six forwards, and maybe play on the same line.

With help the right supporting staff, and coaching Hintz and Gurianov can indeed become a great scoring duo for the Dallas Stars. As well as a threat for all other NHL teams to deal with.

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