Dak Prescott is not only a leader on the field with the Cowboys, but he’s also a leader off the field and in his community.

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On August 6th, Prescott penned a letter to Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt to ask for the release of Julius Jones from prison. Jones has been waiting on death row since 2002 when he was convicted for the murder of Paul Howell in 1995.

Since his conviction, Jones has continued to plead his innocence in the crime and has stated that his race played a role in his imprisonment.

This is part of what Prescott wrote in his letter:

“After reviewing the facts of the Julius Jones case, I firmly believe the wrong person is being punished for this terrible crime; furthermore, an evaluation of the process that led to Mr. Jones’ conviction raises serious legal and ethical concerns.”

“I implore you to right this wrong. Please don’t let another innocent black man die from the systematic mistreatment that has plagued our nation for far too long.”

When Jones went to court in 2002, his legal team claims there were a lot of things that seemed off to them. The court had a name that was supposedly the real shooter, but the lead was never followed. The defense also claims that one of the jurors was racist and that Jones was judged by his color.

Prescott is not the only well-known name that has advocated for Jones. Kim Kardashian, Russell Westbrook, Baker Mayfield, and Blake Griffin have also used their influence to help his case.

This move by Prescott comes at a time when many were criticizing the Cowboys leadership for their lack of response to the current climate in the United States.
Though it was not a statement straight to the media Prescott is doing his part to show his support.

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