It seems as if every offseason, the Dallas Cowboys are projected to make big moves and produce winning numbers.
To all other NFL fans, and some traitorous Cowboys fans, this is a vicious cycle of unnecessary hype for the Dallas Cowboys that only causes bigger humiliation once its proved wrong.

This offseason, however, was proven to be different.

It has been reiterated over and over, but this has to be said one more time. The Dallas Cowboys have had a monumental, great offseason. It almost instilled some new power that most don’t even realize. This new change has reporters, commentators, and analyzers chiming a little bit of different tune.

The Athletic ranked the best offenses in the NFL, and to some people’s surprises, the Dallas Cowboys were ranked in the top five. Knowing that the Cowboys are three spots closer to the Kansas City Chiefs is a little bit of a pick me up for the upcoming season.

Take that ranking with a grain of salt because last year The Athletic decided to rank the offense at the number 2 spot. And last season’s offense looked like a number 2 spot, but not the kind The Athletic saw it as. Now it’s burned into the mind of literally everyone what makes the Cowboys have a great, new team.

New head coach, three potential 1,000-yard wide receivers, new and better special teams, and more veterans.

It hasn’t really been stated what it’ll take to not have a great, new team.

A Condensed Passing Offense

There are a lot of weapons on the team. That being said there is a habit of forcing the ball that the Cowboys like to do. To really be a more diverse team when it comes to scoring, it is vital that the ball is passed around from Zeke to Jarwin to Ceedee.

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Keeping it one or two players hands is one of the reasons the offense struggled in some games.

An Inconsistent Special Teams

A lot of people don’t realize how important a special teams system is to a team. And the Dallas Cowboys had an awful one that impacted a lot of game decisions last year.

A well prepared and cohesive special teams is absolutely vital for the team’s success.

A Lagging Defense

The defense encountered a big problem. They diminished tremendously. And the sad part about it was that there was serious talent in all aspects of the defense. This defense, plus added weapons, was the same defense that held a team that routinely scored 40 points on every team they faced to 10 points. That’s why it was hard to believe that Mitchell Trubisky was made to look like the second coming of Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers combined in last year’s game.

The defense has to step up and do better.

The hype train for the Dallas Cowboys is coming a lot faster than older years, but there’s no reason why it shouldn’t make its destination.

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