While the Rangers haven’t been playing up to fans’ expectations, there are still plenty of talented players that do their best to get a win every time they step on the field.

Guys like Joey Gallo, Elvis Andrus, or Rougned Odor are the players fans look at to give them hope for a possible shot at the World Series. Yes, those are the names you should look towards for leadership in the clubhouse as well, but there are also other players that you may not think about.

You’ll find plenty of players in every clubhouse whom just show up, perform well, and go home. These guys don’t seek the spotlight, but rather elect to do their job well and stay out of the way. It’s no surprise that the Rangers would also have a player that matches the description.

The guy that hangs out in the shadows while doing his job consistently here in Texas has been Todd Frazier.

Frazier arrived back in January earlier this year after signing a 2 year deal with the Texas Rangers, with the second year being a team option. The veteran was brought to originally play at third base after the departure of Adrian Beltre left a hole in the Rangers’ defense. Being a former All-Star third baseman back in 2014-15 with the Reds is what attracted Chris Woodward towards Frazier this off-season.

However, during spring camp team manager, Chris Woodward, felt that Isiah Kiner-Falefa did enough to win the third baseman job. This left Frazier fighting it out with Greg Bird, and Ronald Guzman for first base. While Bird and Guzman are much younger and faster than Frazier, it didn’t seem to stop the veteran from winning that job.

Todd has been known for his third baseman skills, but he also has the ability to play above average at first base. His prior experience in the league is what helped him inch out the competition and claim the job for himself. Since taking over first base with Texas, the Rangers have had one less thing to worry about.

Even though that position will go unrecognized by many fans out there, just know that Frazier is locking down first base for the Rangers.

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While the offense has been having some issues this season, it caused certain players to be overlooked. There are plenty of problems that you could point out on offense, but Todd Frazier hasn’t been one of them.

The Rangers have 2 players that have played in every game this season up to date. One of them is Elvis Andrus, and the other being, you guessed it, Todd Frazier.

Currently, Frazier is leading the team in hits (15), second in runs (6), and third on the team in RBIs (5). It’s easy to say that because Frazier has played in more games, naturally he’d be high in these categories.

However, he’s been one of only 3 players to bat over .300 thus far for the Rangers; that kind of consistency isn’t seen very often with the Rangers this year.


Having a veteran around that can get on base is not only good for your team during the game, but it helps the younger guys have someone to learn from on how to become versatile. Someone like Greg Bird will have great benefits to having Frazier stick around with the Rangers. Todd has been proving to his teammates and coaches that he can be consistent and effective for the Rangers organization. Yet for some reason, nobody ever wants to talk about Todd’s success so far.

It could be due to fans seeing Frazier as a “filler” player until Greg Bird comes into his own. Until that happens, look for Frazier to continue posting good numbers quietly hidden in the back of the room. Keep on eye on Todd the next time you’re watching the Rangers, he’ll give you something to keep your attention on.

Who knows, if he’s able to keep this up, don’t put it past GM Jon Daniels to deal Frazier before the deadline and build towards 2021.
Maybe then fans will start taking notice of what Frazier brings to the table.

Featured Image: Smiley N. Pool / Staff Photographer
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