The anticipation of where star safety Jamal Adams would end had been the talk of the NFL for weeks.
After multiple hints that Dallas was at the very top of that list, many Cowboys fans were disappointed that it didn’t turn out that way.

Although Adams would have been a great addition, no tears should be shed over this loss.

Why? Because it wasn’t a loss.


To start on the obvious, Jamal was expensive! Whether Seattle made a poor trade decision or not, it is very known that Jamal Adams would not have come lightly, even with the hometown discount. The Cowboys would have probably traded a first, a third, and maybe a low rising star for the safety. And for one guy, that is entirely too much. To put it as respectfully as possible: The New York Jets won this trade by a very long mile.

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Speaking of the Jets, the Bradley McDougald trade underrepresented the skill that McDougald possessed. McDougald had pretty good seasons, and a pretty good career all around. He mastered getting a couple interceptions during his latest season with the Seattle Seahawks and showed great hustle and promise in his previous years.

There would have been a financial hit Adams would have given if he were to be signed to his hometown team. It should be said that the cap space that is now reserved for Dak Prescott following his debacle with his franchise tag has no room to be messed with. The Dallas Cowboys will now have to put more money into Dak in the next following year because of both parties’ wait. That’s money that Cowboys kind of does not have time to give away. More money, more problems.

Jadaeveon Clowney and Everson Griffen

Four words. Jadeveon Clowney and Everson Griffen. Those two powerhouses are still on the market, and it is best to assume they won’t be as expensive as Adams. Clowney, who made his career primarily with the Houston Texans, had 4 forced fumbles, 3 sacks, and 21 solo tackles with his time in Seattle.

Griffin, who had his career entirely in Minnesota, had 8 sacks, 26 solo tackles, and 24 QB hits. These two players are both great defensive pieces that the Cowboys can also utilize. No Adams needed.

Strong Want, Not a Need

To top it all off, it should be remembered that Jamal Adams was a strong want. He was not needed in the team. Yes, it would have been great for Adams to have been drafted to his hometown team to do great things here, but the Dallas Cowboys had a great offseason.

New head coach, absolutely stellar draft, added offensive and defensive veterans, and was a new head coach mentioned? Jamal Adams went to a team that we don’t have a rivalry with or that we have to face multiple times a year.

It’s not like the Eagles picked him up. Jamal Adams was a low risk, high reward pick up. If we did get him: great! If we didn’t: it’s okay!

Jamal Adams would’ve been the decoration on an already iced cake.
No Jamal. No problem.

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