Losing Corey Kluber after one inning pitched isn’t an ideal scenario to be in when you open the season.

Kluber exited the game with shoulder tightness, but Woodward also spoke after the game.

On his level of concern with Kluber, Woodward said:

“We’re obviously taking all the precautions in the world.. he just said [he had] a little tightness behind the shoulder, that’s all. So we got him out of the game as soon as he felt not normal.”

Last season, Kluber fractured his arm on a come-back line drive up the middle, but Woodward doesn’t think the tightness is related to the injury since it was “pretty far in the past,” per the zoom call after the game.

Joe Palumbo (Photo: Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

Kluber was acquired in a trade to become a vital cog in their 2020 rotation, possibly giving the Rangers one of the more talented rotations with Lance Lynn and Mike Minor heading the starters. After Kluber’s injury, Joe Palumbo was thrust into action, pitching 2 innings, giving up 3 earned runs on 3 hits, but also striking out 4 in that span.

Palumbo could likely be next in line as he was the first pitcher chosen to replace Kluber after his exit.

Woodward said this about Palumbo possibly taking Kluber’s spot in the rotation if he misses time.

“I would say that Joe is a little ahead, he seems pretty good right now. So, we’re gonna sit down and talk through it and see what makes the most sense.”

There is still more to come on Corey Kluber and his injury. Once more information is attained, the Rangers will have to make a decision on their veteran pitcher and their plans to make sure he can stay healthy for the 60 game season.

The new 16 team playoff bracket has the Rangers in a good situation, as their chances became higher after the agreement.
Can Kluber stay healthy enough to help this team compete?

Featured Image: Fort Worth Star-Telegram
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