All of Cowboy Nation wallowed in the news of Jets safety, Jamal Adams, being traded to the Seattle Seahawks for a pretty hefty takeaway for New York.

Although most fans are shocked at how much was offered for the talented player, Jamal Adams was a player most would like to have on their team. It was a lot for one player though. Two firsts, a third, and a pretty good safety all for one player is choice Dallas obviously didn’t want to make. That’s beside the point.

The point is the well-known wait that Dallas likes to take.

Jerry Jones has been called out numerous times to have an abundance of patience at the wrong time, and it has caught up to him within this offseason.

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The last-minute contract negotiation is one prime example of the backfire of Cowboy’s’ patience. The front office had since, and most likely well before, March to level contract deals between their quarterback when he was put on the franchise tag. And to be fair, both sides were very stubborn throughout this whole situation, but it is very unfortunate that real business didn’t begin to happen until the day of the contract deadline. Maybe simple miscommunication was the cause of such misfortune, but due to the past behavior of Jerry Jones and crew, it is apparent that time didn’t work itself out as usual.

Dak in Action.

One huge wave of understanding, yet mind-numbing patience was the continuation of Jason Garrett. As all know, Garrett was an offensive coordinator turned head coach for almost 13 years. In that span of time, the Cowboys have played in eight playoff games, and won only three of those games. For the last couple of years, mediocrity for the Dallas Cowboy’s standard starting to set in.

Even within those times, Jason Garrett was given more chances than needed. All that truly matters is that he is gone, but the number of years compared to the number of wins is staggering. And not in a good way.

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The Cowboys have their own way of handling business, and it hasn’t had the best win percentage. There are questions to be asked when the best safety says he wants to play for the Cowboys. There are questions to be asked when reasonable trade offers are made and mentioned by reporters and fans. It’s even more reasonable when the same talented safety is one hundred percent on board with taking a “hometown discount”.

It is very discouraging to fans that great things keep getting missed out on because of front-office blunders.
There’s not much that can be done about it. As many times it is shown, it’s either the Jerry Jones way or no way.

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