With new RB deals around the NFL and Madden ratings coming out, Ezekiel Elliot began a rant Thursday night about the disrespect he gets about his running back status.

Many listeners, including NFL reporters and critics, had responses towards the demand.

Kyle Brandt saying: “He’s great, but he needs to do better things.”

One perceived anonymous, offensive coach had the following to say:

“Very few breakouts runs, doesn’t look strong anymore. Feels like he’s about 60 to 70 percent of what he was.”

That’s what prompted the series of Twitter posts by Elliot, but it’s here to say there’s a smidge of truth in both of their statements.

For the side of the anonymous offensive coach, Elliot’s rookie year has been his best to date. It’s about 300 rushing yards per season higher, 3 rushing touchdowns more, and 10 rushing yards per game higher than his last 3 seasons. So yes, statically, Zeke hasn’t matched up to his rookie year, but to put him at 11th is absolute, crazy disrespectful. He is 100% still in the top 5, and others will argue still in the top 3. His numbers are still great.

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The critics put become hypocritical when it comes to the talented ability of Elliot and the level of his stats. If he’s unbelievably good, then it’s the work of the offensive line, which have had some issues with injuries and penalties for the last couple of seasons. If Elliot is not performing well, it’s because of his inability to remain at his rookie year standard.

To add a tad bit more respect to Elliot’s game, Tennessee, who has the comparable Derrick Henry being thrown into the conversation, has been ranked top 3 in the NFL’s run and rush heavy teams since his arrival.

Ezekiel Elliot did end his Twitter “rant” with some positivity. And some positive truth at that.

“I do appreciate the standard you guys hold me to though lol. But I promise you no one holds me to a higher standard than myself. There are a lot of great backs in this league but I don’t understand why the media has to talk down on my game just to uplift other backs. We all are talented football players and can ball.” Elliot says as his closing statement.

And the last statement should be repeated. There are so many tremendous running backs in the NFL today. And the most common way people prove their talents is to compare them to Ezekiel Elliot’s.

Alongside that, it will be great to see how much Elliot ups those numbers in the 2020-2021 season just to heighten those comparisons.

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