Baseball is getting closer and closer by the minute, as the Rangers begin to prepare for their opening day on July 24th against the Colorado Rockies.

In preparation for the new restart of the season, the Rangers have taken to some of their own personal intrasquad games. These games serve as a scrimmage and allow players to stay ready while getting some live action.

While this isn’t a full live-action game, there are still many players doing everything they can in order to stay primed for the season.

During this outing, there were 3 specific players that stood out above everyone else. Not necessarily the top players, but guys that just showed an extra step in the right direction.

Home Team

Taveras 9, Heineman 7, Garcia 9, Bird DH, Guzman 3, Ibanez 4, Apostel 5, Rivera 6, Mathis 2, Kluber 1

Away Team

Andrus 6, Kiner-Falefa 5, Odor 4, Gallo 9, Santana 8, Frazier 3, Solak 7, Refsnyder DH, Federowics 2, Jurado 1

Scott Heineman // LF

Scott Heineman
Photo: Henry Sandoval / Dallas Sports Nation

From a defensive standpoint of view, Heineman didn’t see too much action being out in the left field. However, that wouldn’t stop him from sticking out in a good fashion. Out of the gate, Heineman stepped into his first at-bat in the 1st inning to drill the game’s solo home-run. That score also brought in Leody Taveras who was on the 1st base before Scott got up to the plate.

Making the score 2-0 in the first inning was easily the best moment of the night for Scott. While his next two at-bats wouldn’t be home-runs, they still showed some flashes of potential.

Heineman stepped up to the plate once again in the 2nd inning, in which he got another hit down the middle. This time it Odor was there to put a plug on his parade. The defense made the double play to get Taveras out at 2nd, while Andrus tossed out Scott at 1st base.

Scott’s final at-bat came in the 5th inning after the visiting team went on a great streak for 3 innings that prevented Heineman’s return. With his last shot, Scott got another hit, this time towards 3rd base. It was a good hit, but Kiner-Filefa made yet another double play that leads to Mathis and Heineman’s final outs.

This wasn’t an electrifying performance by any means, but going 3 for 3 on hits, definitely is something to build on. Scott has been quietly battling for a starter position, and if he keeps this up, he may very well get his shot sooner rather than later.

Nick Solak // LF

Nick Solak
Photo: Will Newton/Getty Images

Being on the away team meant having to face the Rangers’ newest acquisition, Korey Kluber. This didn’t stop Solak from leaving an impression on those watching him during this intrasquad.

His first outing came in the 2nd inning after a short first inning. The second inning also looked like it would be quick after Santana hit a fly ball for an out, and Frazier struck out against Kluber. Solak found himself on a full count with 2 outs on the board. Still, he kept his composure and forced the walk to 1st base. Kluber threw a few different pitches at Solak, but he still didn’t bite in the end. He kept that same calming attitude while hanging out at 1st base. While Refsnyder was at the plate, Nick decided to show off his speed by stealing 2nd base. Those lightning-quick feet of his gave him the burst he needed enough to make it there safely, only to witness Refsnyder hit a fly ball on the pitch to Ibanez.

Nick’s next outing wouldn’t come until the 4th inning as Kluber had continued to clean up nicely on his end for the first 3 innings. However, the tide had turned for Kluber as Gallo, Santana, and Frazier all got on base this inning. Solak made sure to keep that streak going as he got a hit down the middle, bringing in Santana for their 2nd run of the game. His luck kept going as Rivera on that same play threw out Frazier at second base, but fell short of making the double play on Solak.

Once again Nick found himself on first base, with Refsnyder at the plate. As the saying goes history tends to repeat itself. Solak was looking cool as a cucumber when, just like before, he turns on his jets and steals 2nd base for the second time this game. While it was a great play made by him, Nick then also had to watch as Refsnyder was struck out by Kluber.

During the 7th inning, Solak started off with a walk, that ultimately ended on a double play made by Odor. However, Nick got a second chance that inning to bat, as this time he gets his second hit of the night, bringing in Tevaras for their 4th run and final run of the night.

Nick displayed great to play with both of his hits that brought in runs, as well as with his flash-like speed.

Joey Gallo // RF

Joey Gallo Texas Rangers
Photo: David Berding/USA Today Sports

Much like Solak, and Heineman, Joey didn’t see much action playing out in the right field. What made you notice Joey was his offensive abilities.

With his first at-bat, Gallo went out there and hit a shot that headed straight for Ibanez who made a double play to also get Odor out. Gallo did a good job of tracking the ball on the play, but Ibanez wasn’t allowing that one to get past him.

Gallo’s next time at the plate came in the 4th inning. After seeing Kluber play well for 3 innings, Joey made sure to finally put a stop to his reign. Joey was the beginning of a bad inning for Kluber. Gallo stepped in and got a clean hit down the middle that leads him to first base. Next at bad was Santana, who walked to the 1st base, followed by Todd Frazier. Todd hit another ball down the middle, creating the opening for Gallo to run in for the team’s 1st run of the night.

Joey’s final at-bat came in the 6th inning against Kluber. After a couple of pitches, Gallo gets a hit towards the right field but gets thrown out before reaching first base.

Still after testing positive for COVID-19, its great to see Gallo out there continue getting some hits off a quality pitcher. Like Scott Heineman, Joey also went 3 for 3 in his at-bats. This could be the beginning of a special season for Gallo who says he’s been working on tracking the ball better this off-season.

All in all, these players each have something that they bring to the table. Personally, I was able to get a glimpse of it myself, thanks to Dallas Sports Nation, who opened a great door for me. Being in the new stadium feels exactly how you would expect it to feel like.

These players also get that feeling, and they know how much it would mean to fans to get some wins in their new house.
The Colorado Rockies are going to have their hands full come July 24th, and the Texas Ranger will be ready to let them hear about it.

Featured Image: Dallas Morning News
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