The unprecedented close to this NBA season is by far the leagues most unorthodox.
The Dallas Mavericks transition from one COVID-19 hotspot (Texas) to another (Florida) has been seamless considering the uncommon circumstances. A hiatus in the middle of the season isn’t an obstacle most teams can prepare for.

However, the club has made an overt effort to highlight the positive aspects of the comeback.

To date, the NBA protocol has been a model other professional leagues can follow.

Multiple players have been quarantined due to either a positive diagnosis or precaution ensuring the security of the “bubble”. No doubt lessons were learned from the mishaps in the MLS’s restart. Ultimately costing FC Dallas a spot in the MLS Is Back Tournament. They were forced to withdraw from play after multiple cases of the virus were discovered. MLB also hasn’t been immune as their cases rise as well.

If successful the NBA could establish a precedent. The approach and its protocols could play a major role in American sports moving forward.

team fishing

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This version of the Mavericks replicates a team-centric approach that must be appreciated. Whether on or off the court the team seems to genuinely get along. The squad wasted little time acclimating themselves to their new home.

DJ Maxi Kleber made sure of that.

The fun didn’t stop their either. Tim Hardaway Jr and Luka Doncic were able to catch up on some fishing too. All from the “NBA Bubble”.

This bubble could serve as a boost for the club. The quarantine “bubble” has sequestered the team to communicate and ultimately bond daily. It’s a positive considering how well they get along. If maintained ideally this experience could prove big.

The entertainment value of “Must See LD” wasn’t halted by the hiatus or move to Orlando. He’s pulled off some impressive trick shots we all should add to our H-O-R-S-E game.

The overwhelming majority would agree that the Lakers and Clippers are most likely to represent the Western Conference in the NBA finals but the Mavericks are rounding into a true team. This odd close to the regular season starts Friday, July 31st against the Houston Rockets. Their superstar Russell Westbrook recently tested positive for COVID-19. Health is the number one factor he is expected to join his squad when medically cleared. His potential absence will be a factor down the stretch for a young and hungry Mavericks squad. 

The future of the Mavs roster is on the rise and the young nature of their makeup could present a huge advantage.

Not many teams have shot at all three levels quite like the Mavericks.

Teamwork and shooting are their cardinal strengths. It led them to the most efficient offense in the league. This stat rarely leads to championship success but it’s a clear step in the right direction.

Would winning a championship be awesome? YES!!! But what is most impressive is the Mavericks and the entire NBA community coming together to create lifelong memories for everyone. Their effort to simply entertain should not be considered a distraction in the multifaceted world of today.

As a lifelong NBA fan, I’m impressed and grateful for the NBA, its staff, the players, and their collective bravery to combat the risk associated with the restart.
Taking a few moments to enjoy basketball while keeping social justice on our hearts and minds isn’t difficult if it’s genuine. This is an opportunity we all could use to find common ground. 

Featured Image: Tim Hardaway Jr./IG/timmyjr10
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