The hottest topic over the past few months revolved around Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys working out a new deal.

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Now the time has come where it can finally be laid to rest, as the deadline for a new contract came and went in a blink of an eye. As of July 15th, 2020 3:00 PM Central time, Dak Prescott can no longer sign a long term deal, until the end of this season.

What does this mean for Dak?

This year Dak will be playing on the franchise tag which pays a stellar $31.4 million fully guaranteed. This also locks in Dak for $37.7 million dollar franchise tag in 2021, should he be tagged again after this season.

What Prescott stands to make this year is easily more money than he’s made throughout his first four years under his rookie contract. From this standpoint, Dak should be glad to finally make top dollar after making pennies compared to other quarterbacks over the past four seasons. Even though the tag is a one year deal, this will serve as a season to showcase his talents and show Jerry Jones why he’s deserving of a payday.

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In the 2019 campaign, Dak also faced a “prove it” year as his contract had reached its finale. However, Dak delivered by having career-high numbers in multiple categories. His 4,902 yards paired with 30 touchdowns were some of Dak’s best work thus far. This year won’t be any different for Dak as he’ll be looking to make more noise on the field than ever before. Over the first 4 years for Dak there have been many memorable moments that Cowboys fans won’t soon forget.

For the upcoming season, Prescott will have plenty of new benefits pushing him along to a promising future.

One of the better benefits for Dak will be the newly added rookie receiver, Ceedee Lamb. This offense already hosted two receivers who had 1,100+ yards in 2019, and now they add one of the best receivers in the draft. With Lamb coming on the scene to join Gallup and Cooper, there isn’t any reason to think that Dak will retract in his progression.

On top of adding Lamb, Dallas also made sure to pay their new starting tight-end, Blake Jarwin. While Jarwin hasn’t shown to be a top player at his position, there have been plenty of flashes that suggest he could have an incredible year with Dak at the gun.

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Another key factor will be the addition of new Head Coach, Mike McCarthy who is known for being one of the better offensive minds in the league. McCarthy has an excellent track record of working with great quarterbacks such as Brett Favre, and Aaron Rodgers. McCarthy could be the key to unlocking Prescott’s full potential that eventually lands him that contract he desires. At the very least, McCarthy’s new ideas could help Dak grasp more success.

All in all, Dak didn’t get his deal done this off-season but has all the tools this year he could ask for to be successful. The offense could prove to be one of the best Cowboys’ fans have seen.
Fans want wins and its about time that Dak and the Cowboys become more consistent in that aspect.

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