The Dallas Cowboys has a lot of heavy offensive talent that can do some serious damage to their respective defenses.

All eyes are on new addition, Ceedee Lamb, and known gift, Amari Cooper. However, even with his new contract deal, there hasn’t been a lot of talk about the new TE1, Blake Jarwin. With his new 3 year extension, Jarwin will be showing out for up to 24.25 million dollars. All that said, he’s shown that he has the tremendous potential to live up to it.

Blake Jarwin came to Dallas in 2017 after being signed to the practice squad. Because of his lack of recognition in preseason, Jarwin was actually released during the time of final cuts, but it was enough recognition to be signed on the practice roster.

So what changed this? Well, Dallas’ bitterest of bitter rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles, tried to pawn Jarwin away.

That was enough spark to sign Jarwin to the active roster; thus, this gave him a chance to prove himself.

Guess it’s Philly there is to thank? Nah.

2018 and 2019 weren’t huge years for Jarwin. Even after Witten’s first retirement, Jarwin only started four games in the 2018 season. But even with those four games, Jarwin made them his own, and showed the coaches and front office what he was capable of. It wasn’t until the final game where Jarwin flashed his true ability. He absolutely owned other rival, the New York Giants, with seven catches, 119 yards, and three touchdowns.

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Even with Witten previously in the mix, Jarwin and Prescott showed great chemistry in almost every play Jarwin was available. And as mentioned, he especially shows his stuff in every New York Giants game he’s ever played in, thus the lead to his nickname, “The Giants Killer”. The statistics say everything there is to say. In 2019, he had 31 receptions, 365 yards, and 3 touchdowns. That’s not the greatest, but it’s a good amount considering the tightened bond the Dallas Cowboys coaches had with keeping Jason Witten on the field even when the offense was in a slump.

And a great contrary to Witten, and no there’s no Jason Witten bullying going on, but Jarwin had a knack for RUNNING after catching the ball. He recorded a stat of 11.4 in 2018 and 11.9 in 2019. Blake Jarwin knows how to move the offense up.

With all the focus on the Dallas wide receivers, it’s good to give a little attention to another part of the future of the Cowboys offense.

With the brand new changes of the coaching staff, it will be amazing to see the changes are made for the offense and what further improvement Jarwin will have.

For another three years, there will be interesting and fun ride to see Blake Jarwin in action.

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