The wait is finally over as the MLB announced the new 60 game schedule for the league’s restart on July 23rd.

Much like with all schedules, here are a few things you should be excited about with the Texas Rangers’ 2020 schedule.

1) Season Start

The official season for the Rangers will begins on July 24th against the Colorado Rockies. The Rockies will also be facing the Rangers in two exhibition games prior to the start of the season on July 21-22.

For opening day, Texas has also announced that their starting pitcher will be Lance Lynn.

Rangers Schedule
Photo: Texas Rangers

2) 40/20 Against the West

Throughout the season, the Rangers will play 40 games against the AL West, while the remaining 20 games will be versus the NL West teams. The Rangers could get off to a hot start with this schedule they’ve been dealt with.

Eleven of their first 17 games are at home all while only facing 1 team (Athletics) with a winning record in 2019.

3) Astros in September

While the rivalry against the Astros is much awaited by fans, it should be known that Texas won’t be facing Houston until September. It’s a bit strange that two teams so close to each other have to wait until the end of the season to play.

10 of their final 26 games will be against one another, meaning both teams will be at their best when they finally play. It also makes things more interesting by having the Rangers finish the season with a 4 game homestand against Houston.

4) No Plans for Fans

Currently, there aren’t plans on allowing fans to enter the ballparks. As the season continues, the Rangers will continue to monitor the situation with COVID-19 and make a decision accordingly.

The general manager, Jon Daniels, is making sure to keep fans and employees as safe as can be.

5) End of Season

The regular season will end on September 27th for the Texas Rangers. Meaning once the playoffs begin, on September 29th, the team will be well-rested for a playoff push.

If everything begins to fall into place, fans could be seeing the Rangers play on October 20th when the World Series is expected to begin.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the MLB season, and how it all shapes out to be in 2020.
Now that the season is getting near once again, we can only hope that this time around we get to see some baseball. 

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