Rumors have begun to swirl that star DE Jadeveon Clowney could be interested in coming to Dallas.

The South Carolina product has always been a big name player, yet has never had the big sack numbers that elite pass rushers put up.

Clowney would obviously be an upgrade and good fit to play opposite of DeMarcus Lawerence, however, the Cowboys would simply go further over the cap with this addition.

Nevertheless, if any team or owner would be willing to spend excess money to bring in the best talent, it would be Jerry Jones and the Cowboys.

The main reason Clowney is still a free agent is that he wants to reset the pass-rusher market.  He wants a contract similar to the contract Bears superstar LB Khalil Mack signed ($141.5 million over 6 years).  Clowney has simply not had the production to warrant this kind of money, as he only managed 3 sacks in 13 games last season for the Seahawks.

In comparison since both Mack and Clowney entered the league in 2014, Mack has nearly double the number of sacks (61.5 vs 32).

I find it ridiculous that Clowney wants the same type of money as Mack, yet Clowney is a player who would be good on a shorter-term deal and has said that he would be okay with signing one.  

What should the Cowboys do?

Photo: Vernon Bryant / The Dallas Morning News

I believe that if the Cowboys pursue Clowney that they should sign him to a one year deal that is heavily incentivized.  This leaves the Cowboys in a position to risk little to get a player with major upside and who could be a major boost in a potential playoff run.

Clowney has the potential to be the best pass rusher in the NFL and if he can finally put all the pieces together, he could be a game-changer on this new Mike Nolan defense.

Featured Image: Vernon Bryant / The Dallas Morning News
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