There has been heavy criticism on Dak Prescott from not only other sports commentators but from his own community of Dallas Cowboys fans.

It seems to be that the main problem on a once terribly coached team was the quarterback’s inability to perform well in big games against great competitors.

With there has been an excessive amount of hate and negativity surrounding the quarterback, let’s take a look at why Dak Prescott is the QB for DC.

Contract Talks

Firstly let’s talk about the definite controversy around Prescott’s contract extension. It’s very ironic that it was Halloween for everyone except Prescott when it came to payday. Demarcus Lawrence, Amari Cooper, and… Jaylon Smith. They all had huge payday for arguably the same amount of bad games, if not more, then Prescott.

Either payday is determined by an individual game or overall team win. By that statement, Prescott deserves the same payday as everyone else. Those names have had the same, if not more, bad games as Prescott.

In all the losses that the Cowboys have faced in the 2019 season, it is certain that Dak was not the main reason for them.

  1. New Orlean Saints: The overall offense was terrible. Zeke was held to 35 yards and Coop was held to 48 yards. The Saints’ defense was just good.
  2. Green Bay Packers: The defense was terrible. Brett Maher was terrible. It was Dak and the offense that was the reason it wasn’t a blowout.
  3. New York Jets: The defense was terrible. The offense was terrible. Dak was getting absolutely demolished by the Jets defense, and got no help from the O-line. There is no way one can see Dak get hit hard over and over with no protection or help from his weapons and put this loss on him.
  4. Minnesota Vikings: Dak was amazing this game. The coaching was terrible with a capital T.
  5. New England Patriots: The entire coaching staff was at fault for their lack of preparation in all areas and positions. Especially special teams.
  6. Buffalo Bills: Everyone was terrible. Next.
  7. Chicago Bears: Everyone was terrible, but the defense is to be mostly blamed for making Trubisky look like Brady.
  8. Philadelphia Eagles: And once again, everyone was terrible.

It’s understandable that the quarterback is the main person to be blamed for a loss, but this doesn’t happen to any quarterback but Dak Prescott. When Wilson, Mahomes, Wentz, or even Tannehill have terrible games it was either a just one, singular bad game or it was supposedly the fault of another position.

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Their bad games never lead them to be an overrated, undeserving QB. The statistic that the Cowboys were 1-7 against playoff teams was a communal statistic and was not a Dak Prescott stat for the reasons stated above. So much so that PFF has Prescott as the 5th highest graded QB against PLAYOFF teams. Right behind guess who? Yep, Patrick Mahomes.

The point all of this is to appreciate Dak Prescott as a quarterback who has and has shown the ability to win for his team. Not as a pawn for other less important free agents or trades.
Dak deserves his payday.

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