Reports over a lawsuit involving Ezekiel Elliott have come out this week alleging that his three dogs attacked a woman who cleans the pool at his house in Texas.
The woman claimed that Elliott’s dogs attacked and dragged her in March, sending her to the hospital.

The woman is looking to receive $200,000 to cover her medical expenses and physical pain. Elliott and his legal team have come out and stated that they are going to fight this and that Elliott was not at fault.

Cowboys fans are used to seeing Elliott in the news during the offseason. He has faced legal issues every year since his start with the Cowboys.

Most fans remember 2016 when Elliott was accused of domestic abuse by a woman he had relations with. The two sides went through investigations till 2017 and despite no solid evidence or a police conviction, the NFL decided to suspend Elliott for six games. The league conducted their own investigation and a letter from Todd Jones, the NFL’s chief disciplinary officer, stated that the decision to go through with a suspension came from Goodell himself.

In 2018, Elliott faced another legal battle when a man in Frisco, TX sued Elliott and the Cowboys for trying to cover up a car wreck that took place on Elliott’s drive to practice.

In 2017 Elliott reportedly ran a red light hitting another car and causing $30,000 in damages. The man, Ronnie Hill, accused the Cowboys of covering up the incident to avoid Elliott being placed in concussion protocol before a game.

The lawsuit stated, “If anyone had actually reported the impact of the accident and had Elliott been examined he would have most likely been placed in concussion protocol and out for the Dallas Cowboys upcoming playoff game.”

The Frisco Police Department released a statement saying that both parties involved in the crash were offered medical treatment and refused.

Dashcam footage showed both Elliott and Hill calmly talking to police and then leaving the scene unassisted. The lawsuit was directed to Elliott’s insurance company.

In May of 2019, Elliott was accused of assault after he shoved a security guard at a music festival in Las Vegas. The security guard pressed charges against Elliott and it was reported that the man’s father emailed a list of demands to Elliott’s lawyers that asked for $500,000, a public apology, a press conference, $25,000 for a junior college football team, and signed jerseys from Elliott, Amari Cooper, and Dak Prescott.

The NFL also started an investigation into this incident causing many Cowboys fans to fear the worst again, but after a visit to the league office, Elliott did not face any disciplinary actions. The charges were later dropped.

Though the recent incident with the dogs does not appear to be as serious as the previous occurrences, Elliott’s offseason troubles continue to cause worry in Cowboy fans.
Elliott is a phenomenal athlete and is loved by most, but his offseason record is not the best.

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