There has been undeniable evidence that, among the trade requested from the New York Jets, Jamal Adams would like to come back home to Dallas and play for the Cowboys.

Although there have been a reported eight teams that Adams has high interest in with some of those being the San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, and unfortunately, the Philadelphia Eagles.

It has been heavily claimed that on the top of that eight-team list, however, is the Dallas Cowboys.

Almost every month since the unfortunate, very ugly loss that Dallas faced against the Jets back in October, Adams has thrown subliminal hints that he would want to come back home.

From the very direct interview detailing his conversation with ESPN’s Ryan Clark on how his want to play for the Cowboys has been broadcasted for the wrong reasons to the direct yet indirect tweets that Adams retweets and posts to “liking” edits of him in a Cowboys uniform on Instagram.

However, in a new video that is making other fans sweat profusely and Dallas fans cheer, Adams is seen, in presumably Lewisville, answering a fan’s question of “You coming to Dallas?” in which he responds, “I’m trying, bro”. With the news that Adams has requested a trade, it is looking more and more that there is a chance for Adams to wearing blue and silver. But how?

The post that Jamal Adams liked.

With Dak Prescott’s plan to sign his franchise tag, the issue of paying, or as some would say: overpaying, Prescott will now have very little influence on how much Adams could potentially be offered. Even in regard to money, Adams has been to have said that he would be willing to take a hometown discount, unlike others. *Cough* Earl Thomas *Cough*

These are the trade plans that most fans are pretty much open to:

  1. Trade a first and third (A crowd favorite)
  2. Trade a first, third, and CB Anthony Brown (Meh, but fans will take it)
  3. Trade a first, CB Anthony Brown, and DT Tyrone Crawford (Meh, but frees up money to potentially get Everson Griffen)
  4. Trade a first and WR Michael Gallup (No. Just, no)

At this point, much to the demise of other NFL teams, all signs point to Jamal Adams most likely being a Dallas Cowboy unless a switch-up happens.

With all of that to be said, the addition of Jamal Adams could give the Cowboys a boost to make a playoff run.

On the other side, like everything that goes on with Dallas football, all that is required is patience and prayers that Jerry Jones makes the right decision.

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