4 players. 1 great number.

After the newest wide receiver, Ceedee Lamb, was given the chance to have the iconic number 88 engrained into his jersey, many of Cowboys Nation were squinting at the decision. This is the number that has been associated with every Dallas Cowboys’ #1 receiver.

To have this number means you are great, and along with that greatness, you’ll have a place in the Cowboys’ time capsule.

Many think that the passing of this number puts unneeded pressure on the young receiver. Others see it as passing on the torch. There are many opinions about this, but there’s one thing.

No. 88 hasn’t been always been reserved for the greatness of Drew Pearson, Michael Irvin, and Dez Bryant.

So, how special really is #88?

The Greats

Drew Pearson

Drew Pearson made history as becoming a part of NFL history being 1/2 of the first Hail Mary. His famous catch against the Minnesota Vikings became a great moment in Cowboys’ history, despite the “maybe” pass interference.

With almost 500 receptions, near 8,000 receiving yards, 3 All-Time Pro’s, and 1 Super Bowl ring, Pearson is a Dallas football icon.

Michael Irvin

Michael Irvin is an NFL Hall of Famer, and as well as Pearson, a member of the DC Ring of Honor. He also made a career out of himself with 750 receptions, almost 12,000 receiving yards, and 3 rings on his finger. This 1/3 of the “Triplets” defined Cowboys’ history.

Dez Bryant

Although Dez Bryant didn’t make a Super Bowl with the ‘Boys, he made an impact. He was a part of the 2010 All-Rookie Team, consecutively made the NFL top 100, and made First-Team All-Pro in 2014. No matter what rough patches Bryant had, everyone saw him as a Cowboy who shined bright in #88.

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When you think of #88, that’s who comes to mind, but they aren’t the only once who repped it on their back.

Colin Ridgeway, Ron Sellers, Jackie Harris, Antonio Bryant. Some people, fans even, would see those names and go: “Who?” Colin Ridgeway was a punter who was the first to have #88 on his back. Ron Sellers was another wide receiver who only wore it for a year. Jackie Harris was a tight end who also wore for a short amount of time, 2000-2001 to be specific. And Antonio Bryant had done a minimal amount in his time with the number. It is the main example of how #88 is not exclusive to the historical wide receivers who fans who grew up watching.

Having a problem with Ceedee Lamb wearing his new number means having had a problem when Pearson wore it after Sellers,  and Harris wearing it after Irvin. Jerry Jones even doubled the Bryants up after giving the number to Dez after Antonio.

The point in all of that is to say that #88 is special to a majority of Cowboys Nation. There is about of history every time one was to put that number on their back, but how fair is it to say it is too special for Ceedee Lamb to wear? Lamb is a special player who deserves a special number. The tradition of this number being passed on is continuing, and people should praise that.

Lamb is now added to the list of the ones to do it in #88.

Now, 4 great players. 1 great number.

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