The first 8 weeks had a past winning ratio of 7-1, which is a pretty good prediction for the Dallas Cowboys’ upcoming season.

Let’s see how well they hold up to their next eight opponents.

Week 9: @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Last Matchup: W, 35-30

The last time Dallas and Pittsburgh met up it was a showdown that had 7 lead changes. Last season, both teams shared the record of 8-8, so it’ll be interesting to see how the next game goes.

For right now, it looks like a win for Dallas.

Week 10: Bye Week

Week 11: @ Minnesota Vikings

Last Matchup: L, 28-24

This was the game that showed how bad coaching truly was. Our most of our offensive were dominant, so with a Jason Garrett out of the way, this could be a very winnable game.


Week 12: vs Washington Redskins

Last Matchup: W, 47-16

It’s the Thanksgiving game! It’s been almost 10 years since Washington has beaten Dallas in a Thanksgiving game, and by the looks of Washington’s past records: it doesn’t look like the end of that streak this year.

This looks like a W.

Week 13: @ Baltimore Ravens

Last Matchup: W, 27-17

Both teams have battled with each other for 5 games, and it wasn’t much of a battle since Baltimore hold the series at 4-1. Although the last matchup was a win, the Ravens have been looking spectacular in the regular season.

This one may be an L.

Week 14: @ Cincinnati Bengals

Last Matchup: W, 28-14

The Bengals have got their brand-new, shiny quarterback, but that has never been the number 1 recipe for success. The Bengals might make a turnaround for their season. That won’t be the case for the 14th week.


Week 15: vs San Francisco 49ers

Last Matchup: W, 40-10

The Super Bowl contenders may give Dallas a run for their money. They may have lost on the biggest stage, but that doesn’t mean they can’t win at Jerry World.

This may be an L.

Week 16: vs Philadelphia Eagles

Last Matchup: L, 9-17

As mentioned in the previous article, the last time the Cowboys met up with Philly: it was ugly. However, it is very unlikely a loss like that happens twice in a season.

This one is 50/50, but there will be a W in there somewhere.

Week 17: @ New York Giants

Last Matchup: W, 37-18

This is the very last game until our playoffs hope are granted.

So let’s keep this short and sweet: W.

All in all, a 6-2 past record is not too bad for the team. The second half of the season will determine how much strength and determination the Cowboys have.
This will not be a cakewalk.

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