The official schedules were given to the public Thursday night, and many predictions have come along.

After the NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys are looking like a serious team and contender.

Let’s see how this team might show up against their Week 1-8 opponents.

Week 1: @ Los Angeles Rams

Last Matchup: W, 44-21

The last time the Cowboys and Rams went head to head it was an NFC divisional round rematch that wasn’t that much of a match. With the end being 44-21, the Cowboys absolutely dominated LA offensively.

With a lot of extra offensive power added to the roster, don’t count out a repeat of history.

Week 2: vs Atlanta Falcons

Last Matchup: W, 22-19

The previous time we met up with the Falcons, Cowboys Nation had to hold their breath for a Brett Maher field goal.

The Falcons have added a great running back with Todd Gurley, but also lost one of their best corners. So this game has the majority going for the Cowboys.

Week 3: @ Seattle Seahawks

Last Matchup: W, 24-22

This Seahawks win was our latest playoff game win in a very thrilling Wildcard round. The Seahawks have not dropped their contender spot. And Russell Wilson has a new veteran target to throw to in Greg Olsen.

The Seahawks are noticeably good, but so are the Cowboys. This game could go either way. It may be the ‘Boys first loss or 3-0.

Week 4: vs Cleveland Browns

Last Matchup: W, 35-10

The Brown hasn’t had a victory against Dallas since 1994, so there’s a good guess that the October game won’t make much of an exception.

The Browns have shown they aren’t very good even with so many talented players. (Beckham and Landry for WR1 and WR2 aren’t even enough.) This being said, it looks like a win.

Week 5: vs New York Giants

Last Matchup: W, 37-18

Not gonna take too much time for this matchup because it has been very mediocre for the past couple of years.

So, keeping it short and sweet: W.

Week 6: vs Arizona Cardinals

Last Matchup: W, 28-17

Personally, the Cardinals were the best 5-10-1 team ever seen. They have a lot of talent in their number 1 quarterback, but coaching or luck always seems to get in the way.

The Arizona Cardinals almost beat a Super Bowl team, so they are underrated. However, this is looking like a Cowboys’ W. This was said last year against a not so good team in Week 6, but let’s move on.

Week 7: @ Washington Redskins

Last matchup: W, 47-16

Like the Giants, Washington was absolutely terrible last season, and they haven’t made any record-changing moves this offseason, so to also keep it short and sweet: W.

Week 8: @ Philadelphia Eagles

Last matchup: L, 9-17

This one is a tough one because it can always be one or the other. Last season, the first Eagles game was absolute domination, but that was at home.

It is known that the Cowboys can go to Philly, and win, but it’s going to take a lot more against the division rivals. Because it’s 50/50, this is just a wait and see the type of game.

For the first eight games, 7-1 is almost too good to be true ratio, but just like the Cowboys have shown: every game has the ability to be unpredictable.
This season is such a turnaround, brand new season, so it will be up to what the Dallas Cowboys are up for showing what they can do.

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