Cowboys Nation marveled. and were honestly kind of taken aback, at the addition of Oklahoma wide receiver, Ceedee Lamb, to an already powerful Dallas Cowboys offense.

It was a surprise that such a talented player would fall to the 17thpick, but the Boys got a gift.

It is no secret how deep the offense is with…

  • Dak Prescott at QB
  • Ezekiel Elliot and Tony Pollard, two 100-yard rushers, at the RB position
  • Blake Jarwin as TE1
  • Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, and Ceedee Lamb as WR 1,2, and 3

With such great talent to be on only one side of the team, the question is posed: Can offense win championships?

Many were to think that our defense was being overlooked during the first pick of the draft, and the Cowboys could have added a star defensive draft pick to the team. On the other side, if a player as great as Ceedee Lamb is still available; you don’t overlook that.

And yes, the defense took a lot of flak last season, and as they should have. They underperformed, and even cost the team a couple of games. However, Jerry Jones added some good, heavy artillery that should give the defense more help. Despite the great additions, there is no way the Cowboys’ offense is comparable to its defense.

So that thought led to the more popular question: Does defense really win championships?

This past season we saw Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs’ ELECTRIC offense carry themselves to a Super Bowl win. Of course, that offense was the winning force towards the Lombardi trophy that Kansas City took home with them, but it can’t go without saying that KC had a lot of defensive help with Frank Clark alongside a deep, deep secondary featuring leader Tyrann Mathieu. So, two 100-yard rushers and two, maybe three, 1,000-yard-wide receivers might not be the main key for a Super Bowl win.

In 2016, it was seen firsthand how far a great offense-led Dallas Cowboys team went into the playoffs. That being said, it’s easy to say that analogy isn’t fair. Two rookies having only lost to Aaron Rodger’s Green Bay Packers by a field goal is a pretty great start. However, as the Dallas Cowboys are getting great over the four years so are 31 other teams. And in order to win the Lombardi, it doesn’t work to be as great as 31 other teams. You have to be greater.

The main point to all of this is that it’s always amazing to score 40 points a game, but it means nothing if opponents are scoring 40 points with you. And to answer both questions. No. Neither offense nor defense wins championships. The team who has the best-balanced talent on both their offense and defense will be the one going home with a new ring on their finger. As the 2020 offseason starts to wind down, it will be interesting to see how the Jones family will be filling out the defense with playmakers and extended talent.

As far as championships go; it’s a matter that only time, approximately 137 days, can tell.

As this article is read, please give thoughts, prayers, and condolences to Dak Prescott’s family for the death of Jace Prescott.

He will be sorely missed by all of Cowboys Nation.

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