With the Dallas Cowboys comes unpredictability.
Or does it?

Believe it or not, there has been a continuing chain that the Cowboys have kept going since the 2014 season. And explained, it can be kind of superstitious.

Let’s say when it comes to do with odd and even years, the Cowboys like to keep its uniformity.


Starting with the 2014 season, the Dallas Cowboys were remarkable with a 12-4 record and a playoff win.

Although it all ended with a heartbreaking loss in Green Bay, it is undeniable that the 2014 season should be considered a great season.


Now let’s flip it. The next season, being our 2015 season was, to put it as politely as possible: Bad.

The Cowboys went 4-12 and it was the team’s worst season since 1989, Jerry Jones’ first head coaching season by the way, where they went 1-15.


Now let’s flip it again. The 2016 season. A year with a refreshing new change adding a new, young quarterback and a star running back. The Dallas Cowboys having a 13-3 record were actually Super Bowl favorites this season before ultimately having their season ended by the Green Bay Packers, which honestly can be a routine in itself.


Can this be flipped again? The 2017 season! Even though this season didn’t have a losing record, it was still categorically a bad season.

It was Dak’s worst season statistically, there was the disappointment of Zeke’s suspension, Dez Bryant was let go, and it was another opportunity to go out of the season with a tail between their legs.


Flip? Next, is the 2018 season. Known as the addition of Amari Cooper for a first-rounder year, the Dallas Cowboys had a 10-6 season alongside with winning a playoff game against their Wildcard regulars, the Seattle Seahawks.

The 2018 season was indeed a success and a pretty good turning point.


Last flip, promise. The 2019 season was season many thought to be THE season, but wow did things start to flip (sorry). After a 3-0 start, a hopeful Cowboys Nation started to see their boys deteriorate going 0-3, including a loss to the Jets. Yes, the previously winless New York Jets.

A couple more games had been won before another 0-3 run, a truly weird surge of talent against the Los Angeles Rams, and then the game that borderline ruined Christmas, the 9-17 loss against the Eagles that essentially kicked the Cowboys out of playoff contention. The 2019 season was a fail with a capital F.

To simply put it: Even: good. Odd: bad. The Cowboys have been keeping this order for a while, and with the 2020 season coming, there can be some hope for success.

Also, with the strange back and forth over the years, Cowboys fans can count on this: In the 2016 season, the Cowboys competed in their first (keyword on THEIR; not THE) round of a playoff game and lost. In 2018, they went on to their second round of a playoff game and lost.

With that logic, will the Cowboys be looking at a loss in the NFC championship game this upcoming year?
Sounds harsh, but that at least gives them a shot at the Super Bowl…in 2022.

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