Yes. The short answer is yes.
Things have gotten messy in New York, so now may be a good time for the Cowboys to swoop in and save Jamal Adams.

At last season’s trade deadline, Jamal Adams was linked to the Cowboys after he said that if he was dealt his preferred destination would be Dallas. The Cowboys and Jets reportedly negotiated up until the deadline, but could not agree on anything. Dallas offered up this year’s first-round pick and cornerback Anthony Brown, but that was nowhere near what the Jets wanted.

Since then, the drama has continued.  The Jets do not seem to be in any type of rush to extend Jamal Adams, meaning Adams will not participate in the first virtual team meetings. Now is the time for Dallas to get on the phone. The NFL draft is less than a week away, meaning the time to make this deal is limited.

The Cowboys would likely have to give up their first and second-round picks, which is a hefty price, but that is a deal I would expect Dallas to make. Jamal Adams is only 24 years old, and right away, he would be better than any safety in the draft. This is the ultimate win-now move. The Cowboys would fill a hole on defense with one of the best players in the game.

But before we think about the logistics of a trade, you also have to consider the price tag for a young superstar like Jamal Adams. Dallas would have to make Adams the game’s highest-paid safety, which will clock in at at least $14.6 million annually.  That is the money that the Bears are giving to Eddie Jackson, meaning the $14.6 million will be the starting price in any negotiation. That is quite a lot of cash, but it is cash the Cowboys have.

The Cowboys have been linked to big-time safeties ever since Earl Thomas told then head coach Jason Garrett to “come get me.”

Dallas somehow screwed that up, but they now have another chance with a younger player. If trade talks for Jamal Adams started, the Cowboys will, for sure, be one of the first teams to call.

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The Cowboys have to ask themselves if Jamal Adams is worth their first two draft picks.  When it comes to team needs, I think it fair to say that nothing is glaring. Dallas did a solid job of filling some holes this offseason, but heir biggest need is cornerback.  Byron Jones left for Miami, leaving the sometimes shaky Chidobe Awuzie as the frontman. Making a trade for Jamal Adams would mean that Awuzie remains the number one corner. It could be a lot worse.

Making a trade for Jamal Adams makes this team significantly better, no matter how you look at it, and that is what the front office should care about most.
Prepare for the rumors to get going, and prepare for the Dallas Cowboys to be right in the middle of them.

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