The start of an athlete’s journey can be a various pathway until they find what they enjoy the most and what their talent is highest at.

With the lack of sports right now, this idea has caused contemplation of how Cowboys Nation’s favorite players would have started their journey to sports if it was a little different.

This great idea comes from Craig Nakagai: a friend from Stars Nation.

So, in an alternate universe, what sport would some Dallas Cowboys players play if not for football?

1) Ezekiel Elliot // Track and Field

Zeke’s endurance and speed have been used to dominate opponents throughout his 4-year career as a Cowboy. Along with his obvious strength, Zeke quick-thinking feet find a way to stop a defense in their tracks every time. Let’s not get into the hurdles.

At John Burroughs High School, Zeke ranked 1stout of the 100- and 200-meter dashes as well as the 110- and 300-meter hurdles. If not for football, the Olympics wouldn’t be too bad for this Cowboy.

2) Amari Cooper // Soccer

Amari Cooper has been said to have some of the best route-running and footwork in the NFL. With Cooper’s precise, fast, and almost dangerous feet, putting a soccer ball in between them would probably be no challenge.

Cooper would be splitting his defenders, leaving them in the dirt with no idea how to recover. In fact, how can FC Dallas get in on this?

3) Dak Prescott // Golf

Dak has been seen numerous times enjoying a nice day on the course and even had time with golfer Jordan Spieth. The Dallas Native paired up with Dallas QB with a friendly game of Night Golf. With a little more practice, Dak could have a good chance to get to professional status with his swing.


Probably not.

4) Blake Bell // Basketball

A new face we picked up from this 2020 offseason, Blake Bell could easily ditch the Dallas Cowboys and join the Dallas Mavericks in their would-be run to the playoffs.

Was he picked only because he’s 6’6? Absolutely. But, with that height, if you’re not on the court blocking shots, then what’s the point of being that tall?

5) Dontari Poe // Sumo Wrestling

At 6’3 and 346 pounds, another new face from the 2020 offseason, Dontari Poe could be on his way to a new calling: sumo wrestling. Just like Poe, sumo wrestling isn’t just about being the biggest man on the block, but about wits and knowing when and how to use your strengths.

That’s a train Dontari Poe can get on.

There’s no doubt that some of the players on this list can branch across the field of sports, and many more; the roster of the Dallas Cowboys has lots of talent on it.
Cowboys Nation is just glad they chose to share it using football, and in the city of Dallas at that.

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