In a major turn of events, major league baseball players played baseball against each other last night.
Yeah, I know, it was MLB The Show, but it was fun to watch live baseball action with MLB players actually playing the game.

MLB All-Stars started a tournament that even this old man enjoyed watching. That is important because I am not a gamer and never figured I would watch a video game live.

MLB, the MLB Players Association, and Sony Interactive Entertainment have teamed up to form the tournament with a player from all 30 teams representing their club.

Each player receives $5000 for their local boys and girls club for participating. The winner of the tournament gets an additional $25,000 to donate to their local club. That is a total of $175,000.

I cannot stress enough how much I miss baseball. The fact that I watched video game baseball is proof of that. I have nothing against video games or those who love them. In fact, my 13-year-old son and 22-year-old son in law are big gamers. But I have never been able to sit around and just watch them play.

With all that said, Joey Gallo went 4-0 last night, and it was glorious. In fact, he dominated pretty much. (Well as far as this old man could tell) He hit a total of 9 HR’s with 4 of them as himself. One each as Todd Frazier, Willie Calhoun, Robinson Chirinos, Rougned Odor, and Danny Santana.

In his second game against Houston’s Lance McCullers, he was down 2 runs in the third inning. He made a huge comeback with the 3 run jack as Calhoun, to go up 6-4.

In the locker room after the games, I talked with Willie Calhoun about the HR and his evening. “I felt Joey wasn’t really playing me well. The HR was great but had I been holding the controller, I would have multiple HR’s over the course of the evening”.

(I did not actually talk to Willie Calhoun)

In the spirit of fake baseball, I decided to play the role of a fake media member.

Although a lot of you might think I do that anyway.
Keep it up, Joey, we are watching.

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