Professional athletes often begin their path in sports by playing multiple sports often through high school before specializing.

Hockey players are no exception with some players also being proficient in baseball, soccer, and even football. Stars fans have been treated to seeing some of their favorites take the field at Globe Life Park and hit some bombs.

In an alternate universe, what sports would some Stars players could be playing besides hockey?

John Klingberg // Soccer

This is one of the easiest to figure out. John has displayed his soccer skills numerous times, most recently on his Instagram story where he bounced a roll of toilet paper into the goal. His height and speed would make him a quality attacking midfielder or perhaps even a striker.

Hopefully, the Stars and FC Dallas can team up and allow John to show some of his skills on the pitch.

Jamie Benn // Baseball OR Lacrosse

The obvious answer is baseball as it is well documented that Jamie nearly chose baseball over hockey. He had the tools to make the show, but because the Stars drafted him, he chased hockey instead of baseball. Despite this choice, Jamie has shown he can still rake, evidenced by when he visited the Texas Rangers for some batting practice. It would be hard for Jamie to be petty in baseball without backlash given the “unwritten rules of baseball”, but it would be fun to see him not care.

But the thing about baseball is there isn’t much physical contact unless of course, you are Rougned Odor. Outside of hockey, there are not many sports that involve speed, skill, and physical contact, except for lacrosse. Lacrosse would check many of the boxes for the Captain, especially the physical element that we know he truly enjoys about hockey. Many of his hockey skills would also translate well to lacrosse given the need for footwork and power to get through and score goals.

Denis Gurianov // Basketball

Speed and elusiveness with a unique ability to finish. This is why Gurianov would excel in basketball, specifically at the point guard position. He has shown the ability to have good vision in the offensive zone, helping create dangerous chances. His height is perfect for the guard position and his speed would allow him to cut through defenses into the lane for a layup.

Denis has also evidenced that he is not afraid of physical contact so bigger players wouldn’t be able to bully him easily. He already has the music skills as well, given his exceptional beatboxing.

Jason Dickinson // Whatever Sport He Likes

Given his lack of fear of being hit in the face, boxing would make sense for Dickinson. He certainly has the fearless factor to step into the ring and go toe to toe with an opponent. Although he does not fight often so his skills at throwing punches are unknown compared to his ability to take a punch.

Jason really can fit into multiple sports outside of hockey given his size and skill set. Arguably hockey really is the best fit for him, but one could see him playing numerous sports.

Roope Hintz // Tennis

Much like Jason, Roope could fit into multiple sports as well so figuring out which one fits him the most is difficult. A case is there for football as a wide receiver, but tennis feels like a better fit.

It is a sport that requires exceptional footwork, power, finesse, and skill. His footwork and ability to shape shots with a stick translate well to doing the same with a racket. He has evidenced his ability to shoot pucks beyond goalies so the same concept applies to get a ball past his opponent.

Radek Faksa // Skateboarding

This one is honestly just an excuse to watch and share this video again. How he would handle grinding rails on a board instead of his butt is undetermined, but imagining Radek on a street demo set in the X-Games would be fun to watch in this universe, as well as an alternate one.

These are but a few of the potential Stars and their alternate sports. Stars fans are certainly glad these players all wear Victory Green and lace them up in Dallas, but imagining what was also possible is always a fun time.

Who doesn’t love a crossover right? Obviously, all of them would like to think they can play golf, but they’re not Pavelski.
Be sure to let us know which Stars you think would excel in other sports.

Featured Image: @Rangers
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