Shin-Soo Choo is on the last year of his 7-year/$130 million contract.

A lot of Ranger fans have been mixed on their feelings of Choo over the years. He was 30 years old when he signed and there was some trepidation on how he would play at the end of his contract. Let’s be honest, most start to slow down a bit in their mid to late 30’s.

COVID-19 has thrown a wrench in this season.

The MLB players union and owners have come to an agreement. They agreed that no matter what happens this season, all players will get credit for a year of service time.

That means that if this season is canceled, Choo might have played his last game in a Ranger uniform. It begs the question of what the Rangers will do in that situation. Both sides have hinted at interest in extending the relationship. Choo has settled in the DFW area and lives here in the offseason. So it would come to reason that he might be interested in staying in Texas.

The fans have been hot and cold on Choo over the years.

Let’s be honest, his start here wasn’t exactly stellar. His first season he only hit .242 with an OPS of .714.

However, he has been one of the best players over the remains years, especially over the last three. He is a leader in the clubhouse and has one of the best work ethics on the team. He is also a favorite of the media. He is always available to talk and never avoids facing the press.

The Rangers have a decision to make no matter what happens. I imagine the plan was to see how the season was going to help make the decision.  They might want to see if he was a trade candidate for a team if the Rangers were not contending. If the Rangers contend then Choo would likely be a key to the success.

Whether traded or not, Choo would still be an option for the 2021 season. His value is at DH mostly, but he is still a good outfielder. The Rangers could also use the leadership.

As we sit in our homes and wait on all of this subside, there are still decisions to made about players who become free agents after the 2020 season. There are others who become free agents after this season. The biggest names are Mike Minor and Jesse Chavez. But we can’t discount that Jeff Mathis is also in the last year of his deal. (I tried to do that with a straight face) Choo may be the most valuable of the four.

Minor has been outstanding, but the Rangers seem to be deep in starting pitching. Jordan Lyles and Kyle Gibson are capable of filling the Minor void if he leaves. Choo might be harder to replace. He is a left-hand bat with a high OBP.

With no baseball and home quarantine, there are few things to write about with baseball.
That left me asking the question: What’s up with Choo?

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