After our first go around with the mock drafts pre-combine, we’ve now had the pleasure of enduring some free-agent additions to the Cowboys.

This will obviously affect how the team elects to spend their draft picks in April, which is why our writers have come up with the two best options. In these options, you’ll be taken through two various ways that Dallas could side with. Another new piece to this mock will be the addition of the 5th round compensation pick the Cowboys received for Cole Beasley leaving via free agency in 2019.

These mocks won’t have any trades in order to keep things simple and to the point. These mocks will take some turns that you won’t expect, but just hold tight as you see some new possibilities for Dallas

Without further ado, let’s continue through what the future could hold for your Dallas Cowboys this upcoming draft.

Davis Wilson’s Mock Draft

  • Round 1 (17): CJ Henderson – CB – Florida
  • Round 2 (51): Laviska Shenault Jr. – WR – Colorado
  • Round 3 (82): Darrell Taylor – EDGE – Tennessee
  • Round 4 (123): Brandon Jones – Safety – Texas
  • Round 5 (164): Logan Wilson – LB – Wyoming
  • Round 5 (179): Colby Parkinson – TE – Stanford
  • Round 7 (231): Lavert Hill – CB – Michigan

CJ Henderson
Photo: Courtney Culbreath

CJ Henderson

Byron Jones’ departure will leave a hole in the Cowboys’ secondary, but the cornerback position isn’t doomed. Chidobe Awuzie, Anthony Brown, and Jourdan Lewis have started for Dallas and are capable corners, but based on what we saw last year, Awuzie isn’t quite ready to be the frontman.

Taking a corner round one takes a lot of pressure off of the guys we have. CJ makes sense in many ways. He’s a big-bodied, lanky cornerback who is capable of contributing day one. His open-field tackling is something that could use work, but his length is too good to pass up.

Laviska Shenault Jr.

With Randall Cobb out, the WR3 position for Dallas is empty. The Cowboys would be lucky if LSJ fell to them in the second round. The Dallas product played high school at Desoto before playing in the PAC-12 for Colorado. LSJ is a big dude who is dangerous with the ball in his hands after the catch. If the Cowboys selected him in round two, their offense would be complete.

Darrell Taylor

The Cowboys’ defensive line is near complete, but another edge guy opposite of Demarcus Lawrence wouldn’t hurt. Taylor is a large human being with a really quick first step, who was capable of beating some of the SEC’s best. His power and burst make him an exciting prospect for the Cowboys if he’s available in round three.

Brandon Jones

Brandon Jones

The Cowboys signed Ha-Ha Clinton Dix in free agency, addressing the safety position weakness. Ha-Ha only signed a one year deal so safety is still a need. Brandon Jones is their guy.

At Texas, he was an aggressive player who could play close to the defensive line and make tackles. Special teams might be his spot next season, but with development and time, he could become the Cowboys’ next safety.

Logan Wilson

Logan is a smart defender who can make smart reads at their linebacker position. While the starting linebackers are pretty set, it doesn’t hurt to have some depth. He is also a talented tackler. He’s another guy who would probably contribute on special teams at first.

Colby Parkinson

Dallas resigned Blake Jarwin this off-season, making him their starting tight-end after Jason Witten left for Las Vegas. We have all seen Jarwin make plays at his best, but consistency is the question. Colby would take a lot of pressure off of the first time starter. Both are capable of making plays and would be solid targets for Dak Prescott.

Lavert Hill

You’re basically drafting for depth and development at this point. Hill out of Michigan is a guy capable of making plays on special teams. Without Byron Jones, it is a good idea to have lots of depth at the cornerback position.

RDA’s Mock Draft

  • Round 1 (17): CeeDee Lamb – WR – Oklahoma
  • Round 2 (51): Trevon Diggs – CB – Alabama
  • Round 3 (82): Matt Hennessy – C – Temple
  • Round 4 (123): Terrell Burgess – S – Utah
  • Round 5 (164): Jauan Jennings – WR – Tennesse
  • Round 5 (179): AJ Green – CB – Oklahoma St.
  • Round 7 (231): Khalil Davis – DL – Nebraska

CeeDee Lamb

Yes, the Cowboys did sign Amari Cooper for the next 5 years and still have Michael Gallup for two more years. However, talent like Lamb’s doesn’t come around too often, and after the departure of Cobb, this team needs a third receiver. CeeDee brings with him an ability to outfight anyone for the ball while in the air.

His ball control is compared to that of Deandre Hopkins, but an added explosiveness to his game. This pick would benefit Dallas by adding another option for Prescott to succeed, while also preparing the depth in case unexpected things happen.

Trevon Diggs
Photo: Vasha Hunt

Trevon Diggs

The obvious loss on Byron Jones is tough, which leaves the backfield vulnerable even after the signing of Anthony Brown. Diggs isn’t the same player as Byron, but he has a knack for playing physical against opposing receivers. His hand placement, once the ball is snapped, keeps him in front of receivers to prevent the inside catches.

It also helps that he was once regarded as a top receiver coming out of high school. This gives him an insight into what his opponents are going to do. Diggs could be a rising star for Dallas as he’d instantly compete to being a day one starter.

Matt Hennessy

The loss of Travis Fredrick to retirement has everyone wanting to replace him in round one. This draft class doesn’t have a top tier center like Travis, but Matt Hennessy could be an answer in the mid-rounds. A three-year starter for Temple served him well as he was named First Team All-American Athletic Conference his final year. He doesn’t have the length that people would expect, but he more than makes up for it with his athletic ability. He uses his frame in ways that allow him to gain leverage on defenders and is quick to make them pay for trying to hit his quarterback.

Terrell Burgess

The Cowboys safety groups have been in question since the departures of Barry Church and JJ Wilcox. With Jones, Church, and Wilcox roaming the backfield Dallas was at least average to above average. However, now will be Xavier Woods and Ha-ha Clinton-Dix starting. Burgess could step in as their version of Wilcox.

Someone to come in on a rotation, and plays downfield. Terrell has solid tackling abilities to go along with the speed that allows him to shadow tight-ends. Year one could be a learning season for him, but there’s no doubt that he could be a contributor to this defense.

Jauan Jennings

Jauan Jennings

Its time to double-dip into the receiver position. CeeDee Lamb is an excellent addition, but the depth for the Cowboys remains suspect. There’s no way to count on players like Tavon Austin, Noah Brown, or Cedrick Wilson. Jennings is known as the big body receiver that can win jump balls. However, everyone seems to overlook his ability to become a tank once the ball reaches him.

Jauan had 30 broken tackles this season alone. It’s tough to give someone this much credit, but he has that “Prime Dez Bryant” trait that tells him to keep moving forward regardless of who is in the way. Having him in the slot or as a fourth receiver would no-doubt put fear into opposing teams.

AJ Green

Again, we’ll be double-dipping into another position that has already been drafted in this situation. Dallas can’t ignore the fact that both Awuzie and Lewis are on the final years of their contracts this season. Both will have to fight for a job in order to remain a Cowboys’ player, but its highly unlikely that they both stay.

This is where Green comes into play. His size makes him an ideal candidate as an outside corner. He uses his size and strength to bully receivers almost at will. However, his speed is what keeps him from being a top corner of this class. He struggles with speedsters, but he makes up for it with his route anticipation. Green could be an excellent CB4 for the Cowboys.

Khalil Davis

The defensive line needs as many bodies thrown to it as possible. Mike McCarthy made sure to let it be known that he wants all the pass rushers he can get. Davis isn’t a high investment, but he brings out good production and desirable traits. He has that motor that doesn’t know how to give up on plays.

His speed allows him to track down players from behind as we’ve seen him post 19 tackles for loss over the past two years. Quarterbacks also aren’t big fans of his given that he has 11 sacks in those same two years. The Cowboys could use a young player to learn from Gerald McCoy, and potentially start after McCoy’s inevitable departure.

Both of these mocks bring different needs and answers to the table, which is all the fun of doing mock drafts in the first place. However, there is under a month left before all of the questions we have are finally answered.

If it was up to you, which one of these drafts would you prefer Dallas goes with?
Make sure you stay tuned in because come draft week our writers will give you the most accurate mocks you’ll see.

Featured Image: Jeff Roberson/Associated Press
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