With MLS play suspended through at least May 10th, the league and clubs have been broadcasting and showcasing some of the league’s history.

With that in mind, I’ve been taking a dive into the FC Dallas YouTube channel, starting with the oldest videos and finding videos that stick out one way or another.

For the first edition of this series, we’ll start with videos from the 2007 season through the 2010 season.

Denilson Juggling in FC Dallas Uniform

Starting chronologically, our first video comes from the 2007 season and features the club’s first-ever designated player Denilson, a veteran of the 1998 and 2002 World Cups with Brazil. Attempting to take a page from European clubs such as Barcelona, who often have new signings juggling and performing some tricks with the ball in front of assembled media, FC Dallas chose to shoot a video of Denilson juggling in front of an empty stadium and seemingly no one else there other than the cameraman.

Nothing Denilson does is particularly impressive and in hindsight, this awkward video should have been an omen. Denilson only made 8 appearances for the club in the 2007 season, scoring only once from the penalty spot and being excluded from the squad for the US Open Cup final loss against New England by head coach Steve Morrow.

This video, which our friend @FCDallasFR1 loves to post on Twitter, is probably the most memorable thing that fans can hold on to about Denilson.

J&B’s Crib

Younger fans may not remember the old days of YouTube, where 360p was considered great quality and uploading a video over 10 minutes was virtually impossible. With those limitations in mind, we have two videos from the 2008 season that is truly one, J&B’s Crib. “J” is former FC Dallas goalkeeper and current Jacksonville Jaguars kicker Josh Lambo and “B” is former FC Dallas and current free agent forward Brek Shea. Both Lambo and Shea were drafted in the 2008 SuperDraft by FCD and they were roommates in a Frisco apartment close to what was then known as Pizza Hut Park.

As someone who was a 16 year old in 2008, this video is a bit of a nostalgia trip as the pair show off their bachelor’s pad featuring a stocked fridge (looks like player nutrition has improved a bit since 2008), a ping pong table, a LoveSac (anyone remembers that store in Stonebriar Mall?) and of course a brand new Xbox 360.

The video is worth viewing just for Brek Shea’s story of why he has bull horns above his headboard.

The Cooper Test

Kenny Cooper is one of the most prolific strikers in club history, scoring 46 goals in his four and a half seasons for FCD. One of his most memorable goals came in the 2009 opening match against the Chicago Fire in which Cooper scored from beyond the halfway line.

In this video, a handful of Cooper’s teammates, Drew Moor, Brek Shea, Anthony Wallace, Peri Maroservic and Aaron Pitchkolan, attempt to replicate Cooper’s goal on the training pitch. None of them are particularly successful on what looks to be a chilly and blustery Frisco day, but it is a fun bit of camaraderie and echos a bit of the high-quality content that has been produced more recently by the club.

The Jimmy Buffett Experience

Jumping forward to the 2009 season, we have another video starring Brek Shea, this time pairing up with Eric Avila to interview concert-goers at the formerly annual Jimmy Buffett concert at Pizza Hut Park. As someone who grew up going to school in Frisco, the annual Jimmy Buffett concert was an event in Frisco.

As seen in the video, Shea and Avila interview folks from all across the US who made the pilgrimage to see Mr. Margaritaville. As for why the club felt it necessary to send two players out to interview random people at a concert is hard to say, but it made for a gloriously awkward 3-minute video.

Industry 4 Photo Shoot with FC Dallas

If you have spent enough time in MLS circles online you’ve almost certainly seen a specific picture of a shirtless Brek Shea posing on bales of hay with a scantily clad model. Well, this video is the context behind that photo. During the 2010 season, FC Dallas teamed up with Industry 4 and Model Citizen for this photoshoot, which raised money for a veterans charity called Stack the Deck for Vets.

Although Shea’s photo has lived on the most infamously, there’s some other hilarious content in here, like Heath Pearce learning how to lasso an anvil, David Ferreira (shirtless) and Daniel Hernandez (in a U-neck) standing around with a model and a bull, Kevin Hartman sitting in a chair (how did El Gato get the easy one here?) and Ruben Luna in overalls. None of the guys look particularly happy to be doing this (other than Hartman) but it generated some pretty fun content.

I can only imagine the ribbing that went on back in the locker room.

Brimstone Cup Reiterated

Over the years, the Brimstone Cup, the trophy awarded to the seasonal winner between the Chicago Fire and FC Dallas, has diminished in importance as the two teams have played less and less frequently and more teams have entered the league. However, at one point in time, as the great Bobby Rhine (RIP) explains in this video, the Brimstone Cup was basically the biggest rivalry in the early days of MLS. I’ll leave at that, as Bobby explains it far better here than I ever could.

Dallas Til I Die

FC Dallas had a historic season in 2010, going on a 15 game unbeaten streak over the middle of the season and ending up 3rd in the Western Conference by the end of the season. It seems that the club knew they were potentially on the cusp of something very special this season and, ahead of the playoffs, gathered together some local Dallas celebrities to put their support behind the team.

This video is basically just lots of people saying that they’re Dallas Til They Die but it is cool to see some of the folks they got for the video, including seemingly every member of the 2010-2011 Dallas Mavericks. Though to be honest, the video is so repetitive (for some reason a number of the people are shown multiple times), that it is a bit of a struggle to get through the whole 3+ minutes.

Leg 2 Road Trip

To start the 2010 playoffs, Dallas had to face off against the 2nd seed Real Salt Lake, who had won MLS Cup in 2009. After a 2-1 win at Pizza Hut Park, FCD traveled to Salt Lake for the second leg, one which most analysts likely expected FC Dallas to lose. RSL had not lost at Rio Tinto Stadium since May 2009, and with an away goal in hand, it was expected that FCD would be unable to get the result they needed. However, the Dallas defense was resilient and a Dax McCarty first-half goal put Dallas in a great position that RSL could not overcome, even with a late Robbie Findley goal.

In another video that echoes some of the great content we’ve seen recently from the club, the club went behind the scenes of the second leg road trip and gave a great insight into what went down before, during and after the game.

Gameday: Daniel Hernandez

Another behind the scenes video to cap off our 07-2010 list. After defeating RSL in the Western Conference Semi-finals, FCD faced down David Beckham, Landon Donovan and the top-seeded LA Galaxy for the single-leg Western Conference Final. In one of the most stunning and famous results in club history, Dallas dismantled the Galaxy 3-0 on their way to their first and only MLS Cup Finals appearance.

Instead of a broader behind the scenes look, the club this time focused on club captain Daniel Hernandez throughout the pre-game, the game itself and the post-game. It is another piece of quality content in a time where this kind of thing was not necessarily the norm in MLS.

Which of these videos is your favorite?
Did I snub any great or hilarious videos that should have been included?

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