That’s ok, Dallas Sports Nation and the Rangers Nation Podcast have a solution for you.

Join former Texas Ranger Jeff Frye and Dallas Sports Nation blogger and podcaster John Moore for a live Twitter feed Sunday, March 22, 2020, at 3:30 p.m. He will discuss his crusade against so-called hitting gurus.

Back on March 2nd former Texas Ranger Jeff Frye posted a video imitating a ridiculous hitting instructors uppercut swing. His premise was that learning the art of the launch angle was the key to making it to the major leagues. Frye found it funny and decided to poke fun at it.

This started a bit of a war between himself and said hitting guru. Not being swayed, Frye continued his campaign with follow up videos.

Then this one.

Finally, the last ones.

All told, the videos have had over 200 thousand views. What started out as fun progressed into a war between major league veterans and so-called experts.

Frye and Moore will record the Rangers Nation Podcast on March 22nd.
While recording, Frye will live to stream it from his twitter account. Go follow @03jfrye to watch it live.

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