During the temporary suspension of the season, many fans online have expressed sadness in the lack of the beautiful game, which has affected all of the FC Dallas fans.
I thought it would be cool to cover all the best moments in club history, whether it was a single goal in a game or a trophy-winning match.

The top 10 moments will be covered over the span of the next couple of weeks.

10) Last Year’s Texas Derby

This is still fresh in the minds of most FC Dallas fans, and even though this might be seen as another Texas Derby Victory, this was the largest margin of victory in the battle for El Capitan. Goals from the Cobra (x2), Ziegler, Barrios, and Ferreira capped off on of the best victories in FC Dallas history.

This game was the embodiment of a great first season for head coach Luchi Gonzalez, who became the FC Dallas coach at the start of the 2019 season. The victory was the best match of the season by the club and was the pinnacle of what the future holds for this young side for the upcoming season.

9) Dallas beats Chicago in ’98

The Brimstone Cup wasn’t created until 2001, but the rivalry was already brewing prior to the creation of the official trophy. Chicago was performing really well in its inaugural season of 1998, which would later culminate in them winning the MLS Cup and the US Open Cup. They had played the Burn four times prior to the game on September 10th and had gotten victories from all of those matches. However, after 2 goals in the last 10 or so minutes in the game, the Burn was able to win the last game 3-2.

Chicago was leading the game 2-1, but a goal in the 83rd minute and a goal 20 seconds prior to the final whistle allowed the Burn to take three points.

8) Winning on Mexican Soil

One of the biggest hopes of many MLS fans is the desire to be at the level of their southern rivals in Mexico. With recent Champions League records, it looks like that moment might be coming sooner rather than later. But FC Dallas will be remembered as the first MLS team to complete the Herculean task of beating a Mexican team on Mexican soil.

FC Dallas was in the Champions League in 2011 due to their MLS Cup run in 2010. Prior to this year, no MLS team had been able to take all three points from a stadium in Liga MX since the start of the Champions League in 2009. Even Real Salt Lake, who made it into the final in 2010, only got a tie against Monterrey and a loss in Cruz Azul. But in 2011, FC Dallas pulled the unthinkable and beat UNAM at the Estadio Olimpico Universitario 1-0. The lone goal came from FC Dallas winger Marvin Chavez.

Granted, UNAM coach Guillermo Vasquez started a team filled with youth players, so the victory was somewhat granted to the Boys in Red. But FC Dallas did something that no team was able to do, and is still one of the few MLS teams to complete the task of beating a Mexican team in Mexico.

7) First Game in Franchise History

FC Dallas, then Dallas Burn, was one of the founding members of the inaugural MLS season in 1996. The first season in franchise history was a decent one, with the team finishing 2nd out of 5 teams in the Western Conference. But the opening day will always be remembered as one of the biggest moments in the history of the club.

The boys faced the San Jose Clash in front of more than 27,000 fans, which is still the largest attendance for any FC Dallas home game not including international opponents. After 90 minutes, the game ended 0-0, but back then, when the clock hit 0 (the clocks used to count down), there was always a shootout to contest the winner. The home team won the shootout 1-0, which allowed the 1996 season to start off with a victory.

This moment will always live in FCD history as the moment where this amazing roller coaster of a team began.

The next three top moments in franchise history will be released next week. What do you think of my list?
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