Today marked the day of the most stress-inducing time in an NFL fan’s life. And as today showed, free agency can be as wild and unpredictable as ever.
Some teams made plays while others got cooked.

How did the Dallas Cowboys hold up to our free agency expectations? Did they win or lose?

Besides Cowboys Nation, there were some real shocks made before the deadline as teams had a round of shocking trades and pricey extensions and signings. The 49ers were a handful of teams that dealt with a free agency the right way acquiring DeForest Buckner from Indy and re-signing Arik Armstead for an $85 million deal.

The Miami Dolphins robbed the Patriot’s happiness one last time this season while getting Kyle Van Noy for a 4-year deal and giving Cowboys’ very own Byron Jones his new home on an EXPENSIVE new deal. Congratulations Byron for getting the money you felt like you deserved! The Browns got Case Keenum and Austin Hooper. And the Cardinals… *sigh*

All I can say is RIP to all Houston Texans fans.

The Cowboys have never been superstars when it came to free agency.

How did they play it this year?

Byron Jones Will Live It Up in the Sun

I was always a fan of Jones, and he has serious skill. However, Byron Jones thought he had a worth that he couldn’t back from.  Unfortunately, Jerry Jones and company didn’t have the same thought, so they let him walk into free agency. Jones is walking head high though because he scored a booming 5-year deal with 82.5 million dollars. That makes him the highest-paid CB in the league. Y’all heard what Aaliyah said: “If at first, you don’t succeed, dust ya self off and try again”.

Our New TE1

With Jason Witten pretty much out of the picture, Blake “Giants-Killer” Jarwin got the extension he deserved; a 3-year $24.25M extension with $9.25 guaranteed pretty much seals the deal on him being our number 1 tight end.

Jarwin does a great thing called running after catching the ball. He has underrated hands and really good strength. I’m excited to see him ball out this year.

Dak Prescott and the Amazing, Wonderful, and Oh-So Loved Franchise Tag

I lost count on how many times Dak was offered a new contract deal and how many times after that he and his agent declined it. (I actually think it was just 3, but that 2 times too many). I knew the tag was coming, but I just wished that he was able to get his contract this upcoming season and be finished with it.

Apparently, $33.5 million was not good enough. Or maybe Prescott’s agent has tricks up his sleeves when it comes to the rising price of quarterbacks. Who knows! All I know, and maybe some other people in the nation, is that Dak Prescott got hit with the franchise tag that we all saw coming, and I’m not completely thrilled with it.

The rest of this free-agency will be a waiting game, whether it is short and sweet or long and painful. Hopefully, what needs to get done with getting done quickly; I am crossing my fingers for Jerry and his crew to get it together.
As always, whatever happens, will happen.

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