When I’m not with you, I just don’t know what to do.

We are in the midst of the 2020 CV19 hockey suspension and fans and media alike are somewhat at a loss for what to do. One would think we’d have some ability to go without hockey. After all, we go through off-season every year. We may only barely survive it, but we make it through.

This is different.

It was sudden and unexpected. We hadn’t gone a whole season watching our team either struggle and miss the playoffs or go through high-intensity playoff games that leave us actually needing a bit of recovery time. And we don’t have the AHL or ECHL games to fill the void.

If you don’t know what to do with yourself while the season is suspended, here are some suggestions.

Take Care of Business

If you are like me, the phrase “I can’t, there’s a hockey game tonight,” frequently comes out of your mouth and you neglect the more tedious tasks in life. Let me be upfront, I fully intend on not using anything that falls into this category to replace hockey. But some of you might be inspired to spring clean or do your taxes. If this is you, know that I’m envious of your self-discipline even if I’m snarky when you boast about it on social media.

Spend Time With Your Loved Ones (In a Social Distancing Kind of Way)

You may be surrounded by friends and family who also love hockey but this isn’t always the case for everyone. This is your chance to focus on the ones who got away. Call and talk to that friend who doesn’t know what a puck is. Watch that anime show your kid has been bugging you about. Play a board game. The key is to let the other person choose the topic or activity.

If amusing anecdotes about hockey happen to slip out and lead them down the hockey path, then so be it.

Indulge in Hockey-Related Entertainment

Get lost in whatever version of hockey you happen to be in the mood for. Feel all the feels whether that’s with a movie, podcast, or book. Maybe it’s editing photographs you’ve been taking at games and events.

Put together the NHL map puzzle and shellack it.  You’ll be able to point to it one day and say “this was before Seattle had a team.”

Use Social Media as a Way to Feel Connected to the Hockey Community

You may already have your own hockey community on your preferred method of social media. It’s always comforting to know that others feel the same way and you can be sure they miss it just as much as you. Scrolling and responding to other fans can provide literally hours of entertainment.

Just as entertaining is following the players in their off-ice adventures. Make sure to utilize Instagram as this is the preferred platform for many of the players and their significant others.

Already following all of the Dallas Stars players? Branch out and check on what the Texas Stars or Idaho Steelheads players are up to.

And if you aren’t following the mascots, well, you’re simply missing out on some highly entertaining content.

Watch Hockey Games/Clips

Go back and watch the games you recorded. Or, if you’re a subscriber to NHL.com, you can watch Stars games that weren’t available on game day.  YouTube has plenty of hockey content that will keep you busy for days.

In addition to alleviating some of the withdrawal, this can be used to take a closer look at the team and individual player performances away from the heat of the moment. Dig into some analytics and see if you can identify the trends on video. Or go back and listen for all the Razorisms from the broadcast along with the correct pronunciation of players’ names. And, unless there are some things you just don’t want to know, focus in on the bench and see what you catch the players doing.

Hockey withdrawal may be here with no clear end date but we’ll make it to the other side with a little patience and creativity.
Stay safe, Stars Nation.

Featured Image: Amy Warner/DALSportsNation
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