Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.
You compare the coaching numbers of Rick Bowness, and you can see the Dallas Stars’ version of insanity.

For several years, a quarter of a century actually, Rick Bowness has not gotten the job done. His regular-season record is 143-302-48, placing his career point percentage at just over 34%. He is far from the answer that the Stars need.


Before his stint as the interim head coach this season with the Dallas Stars, Bowness hasn’t held a head coaching position for almost 15 years, and that may be for good reason. Just look at the stats above; Numbers don’t lie.

I have said it before and I will say it again; Rick Bowness isn’t fit to be the coach of the Dallas Stars. Take away his 1991-1992 season with the Boston Bruins (the only time he has taken a team to the playoffs in a head coaching role) and his average regular-season division finish is 6th place.

Bowness was handed a roster gold mine after former Dallas Stars Head Coach Jim Montgomery was relieved of his duties earlier this year, and has squandered the opportunity, to say the least.

There are NHL All-Stars in the prime of their careers and two of the league’s best goalies on the same roster and the man can’t find a way to string together a couple wins in a row consistently.

After being tied for the Western Conference and Central Division lead just three weeks ago, the Dallas Stars haven’t beaten a team that is in the playoff team since early February. In fact, they have only beaten once in the last 6 weeks. The Stars don’t have a win overall in two weeks.

Look at their roster, and tell me how that is even possible. Mind-blowing to say the least.

The woes of the beginning of the season are back, and fans of the Stars are starting to see similarities between this March and March 2018 where the Stars buckled under the weight of making a playoff push. Low scoring, low drive and no attention to coaching details. History repeats itself if you aren’t careful, and Bowness has been repeating the same cycle for three decades.

Time to move on, Jim Neil. Call Gerard Gallent. ASAP.

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