21-year-old right-back Reggie Cannon signed a new four-year contract with FC Dallas, with a club option for the fifth year.
The details of the contract were not released, but it has to be a great deal for both player and club.

Many people are already speculating as to why Cannon would sign the deal and stay in Dallas rather than explore his options in Europe.

The answer is simple: he is doing both. 

Yes, Cannon signed a new deal with the club in whose academy Cannon made a name for himself. But this new deal does not mean that Cannon will not be taking his talents to Europe, maybe as early as this summer. And the increase in pay can only mean better money coming from larger, more prestigious clubs.

That’s a win for both Reggie and FC Dallas (who would receive and keep most of the transfer fee from any club who would pick up Cannon).

Here are some points to ponder about the new deal and Cannon’s future.

How Much Is the Deal Worth?

We don’t know yet. The MLS Players Association (MLSPA) won’t release its salary guide until later this season. But last season, Ali Adnan of the Vancouver Whitecaps was the highest-paid wing-back, according to the MLS Player’s Association Salary Guide released in 2019. Adnan had a base salary of $1.2 million last year, according to the MLSPA.

The Iraqi national team player is also young at 26, but still five years older than Cannon. Certainly, Cannon’s deal is worth a few shekels less than Adnan’s but he still is probably making a respectable living considering his age, his position and playing in the MLS. 

Worldwide, Cannon has a theoretical value of about $3.3 million, according to TransferMrkt.com, behind Sergio Dest ($13.2 million), DeAndre Yedlin ($8.8 million) and tied with Timothy Chandler (also $3.3 million). Yedlin and Chandler are both older than Cannon. Dest is younger at just 19 years old. And Cannon’s stock is on the rise and will probably continue to increase if he has a good showing in the Olympic qualifiers and the Olympics. 

Why Did They Do the Deal Now?

This summer will be important to Cannon’s career no matter where he plays.

As Cannon said in the video released by FC Dallas, “This is my year and I want to be the best I can be for Dallas.” 

This is definitely his year to shine. Cannon was recently called up to play in the CONCACAF Olympic qualifiers with the USA men’s U-23 national team. That means he most assuredly will play in this summer’s Olympic games. Already reports are out about how important his leadership is to the U.S. team.

Not only are the Olympics slated for this summer, but the European summer transfer window will open at about the same time. Nothing sets the stage for a large contract offer like positive national exposure, which Cannon will surely get. He will be talked about from now until the U.S. team bites their gold medals — hopefully — in August. 

How Much Can Reggie Make in Europe?

Who knows. Cannon has the talent to play in all four of the top teams in Europe: English Premier League, Italy’s Serie A, Spain’s La Liga or Bundesliga in Germany. A right back with top-notch defensive skills and the ability to work the right side, while getting assists and the occasional goal will bode well on his resume. If he has a good showing in the Olympic games, he could very well raise his stock and make himself a prime candidate for a top-tier team. 

Currently, the highest paid right back in Cannon’s age range is England’s Trent Alexander-Arnold, who plays at Liverpool. Alexander-Arnold has a market value of $121 million (not how much he makes but what a club might be willing to pay a player). He has made 29 appearances with two goals and 12 assists this season for Liverpool. After Alexander-Arnold, the market value of right-backs drops off significantly. However, Cannon could be in line for a nice payday come August, especially if his market value climbs after the Olympics.  

What Happens at FC Dallas If/When He’s Gone?

Nobody knows for sure, but this team has surely been planning for his eventual exit since last season when presumably Cannon had several lesser offers from European clubs. They have people in place. Bressan is probably the first choice right away but long-term one of the younger, possibly homegrown, players like John Nelson and Bryan Reynolds should get a shot at the position.

We may get a glimpse in the coming weeks and especially this summer as Cannon takes his place alongside Paxton Pomykal and Jesus Ferriera in national team camp as they prepare for a tough Olympic-qualifying schedule. 

Will Cannon Ever Forget FC Dallas?

Obviously, this question is in jest. Cannon said he has loved his time at FC Dallas. 

“There’s so much growth that’s been involved in [my time at FC Dallas],” Cannon said in a video released by the club. “Now, I see what I’m capable of in the future.” 

He went on to say, “I will always be with this club. I take ‘Dallas til I die’ very seriously. I want to represent this club for as long as possible, but obviously, opportunities present themselves. Whatever happens, happens.”

But right now, Cannon said he is focused on FC Dallas. “As long as I’m here, I’m going to give everything. I’m going to help my teammates. I’m going to help Luchi [Gonzalez]. And I’m going to help this club and hopefully win an MLS Cup.”

Here’s hoping they will do just that. 

What are your thoughts on Reggie Cannon’s big payday and his potential in Europe? Would you like to see him stay?

Featured Image: Stewart F. House / AP
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