This offseason for the Cowboys have been all about the contract negotiations. Especially for this year, we have some big names reaching free agent status.
The obvious, most notable one would be our quarterback, Dak Prescott.

The talk of Dak’s contract has been going back and forth between the front office and himself. The newest offer being $33 million and a guaranteed $105 million, which will break the league’s history.

With other players being able to get their money, such as Demarcus Lawrence, Jaylon Smith, and Zeke’s extreme payday, Dak is looking to get a big contract. And he’s looking a little higher with his stance.

Now it can be argued all day what Dak deserves and what he doesn’t. And there can definitely be two strong stances on this.

If you look at the other contracts received by other quarterbacks, you can try and figure out where Dak should stand in this.

Yeah, he isn’t going to get, and shouldn’t get, the $35 million and $107 guaranteed money that Russell Wilson was offered. I am a huge Dak fan, but I also pride myself on being realistic.

When you look at Jared Goff getting $33.5 million/$110 million guaranteed and Carson Wentz getting $32 million if I was Dak I would ask myself, “Should I really be getting less than these guys who have achieved a small percentage of what I did this season?”

As mediocre and pitiful the Cowboy’s 2019-2020 season was, Dak SHINED. Just to name a few stats: 15,778 passing yards, 97 TDs, 35 rushing TDs, 97% passer rate, and 1,221 rushing yards.

Say what you want about the team’s inability to get far in the playoffs, but people can’t deny that Dak does have talent. Talent big enough to get us to a championship game. Especially now with new coaching, this is the best time to put our faith into our quarterback.

That doesn’t change the question of what type of contract does Dak Prescott deserves.
Do you think Dak is being too greedy or is the front office not putting enough value in Dak?

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