If you take a look at Dez Bryant’s social media, you would be able to see the monstrous work he’s been putting in, like catching balls from a Superbowl MVP in Texas.
It sounds like a dream for most Dallas Cowboys fans.

Bryant has nothing but a determination for returning back to the NFL, with whatever team is looking to scoop him up. Dez has said multiple times, in multiple interviews, that he would love to return home to the Cowboys.

Would the Dallas Cowboys welcome him back in?

Jerry Jones says he has been thinking about it..In the shower?

Bryant was released following the 2017 season, after a not so good performance in the playoffs against our playoff regulars, the Seattle Seahawks. The cut was a little jolting, but not unexpected. Some say that Bryant was declining as he was not making his spectacular catches and dropping very catchable balls.

Others say it was to free up some cap space, and after the injury, Dez Bryant wasn’t Bryant anymore, so why bother. 838 yards and six touchdowns.

Doesn’t sound very Dez Bryant-like.

Photo: Brady Lunt/Fansided

Despite the drama surrounding the cut of Bryant, there has been great belief amongst Cowboys country that bringing him back could be a definite possibility. Earlier this offseason, it was reported that Bryant reached out to Stephen Jones.

Not much is known from what came of that conversation, but could it have been the catalyst of all the Dez talk now?

With the NFL combine in the media, both Joneses had a little bit to say about the possible return of number 88. With Stephen saying that it even though it is an idea he thinks about, he would rather put his focus on the Cowboys’ own free agents.

Jerry Jones talked about the “issues” that was surrounding Bryant (teammate and head coach trash-talk after his cut for example), and that if he were to come back, that “bitterness” would definitely be reparable.

This return is something that JJ thinks about. In fact, he thinks about it so much so, it comes across his mind in the shower!

Jones later goes on to say that he knows how good of a player Dez was for the Cowboys, and he knows how good of a player he will continue to be. The good overshadowing the bad.

Bryant acknowledged this comeback nod with a tweet simply saying “Let’s get it!” There’s not a whole lot to come out of this exchange, but it makes a good chunk of Cowboys Nation hopeful.

Will we be seeing number 88 in Silver and Blue once again?

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