Cowboys legend and the NFL’s all-time leading rusher Emmitt Smith recently came out saying that QB Dak Prescott needs to take a team-friendly deal, in order for Dallas to secure other star players such as Amari Cooper and Byron Jones.

He has gotten a lot of public criticism for saying this and many media members that Smith has no place talking about this and there is no reason why Prescott should take less money.  

I could not disagree more.  Smith is speaking the truth.  Not only is Smith perfectly in his right to talk about it as a 3x Super Bowl champ, but Prescott needs the support.  Prescott’s numbers have gone up drastically since the acquisition of Cooper midway through the 2018 season.

If Jerry Jones and the front office decide to give Prescott the $35 million per season that he wants, it only lowers the chances of us signing Cooper to big money and makes it nearly impossible to have money left for Jones.

Prescott needs Cooper to help his progression continue and make him an elite QB.  Therefore Prescott needs to take a contract south of $30 million a year so that we can afford to bring back Cooper and pay him like the top receiver he is.  Prescott has not proven that he can lead the offense with a lesser group of receivers to success, which is why he needs great receivers like Cooper.  

Another reason Prescott needs to take less money is so the Cowboys can afford to bring back Byron Jones.  Jones has been an extremely solid player since he was drafted and Stephen Jones did come out yesterday and say that the defense is the top priority for the off-season.  He helps our DB crew be much better and would leave a huge hole in our defense.

If the Cowboys want to come back next season and fulfill their potential as one of the best teams in the league, they need to bring Prescott back on a somewhat team-friendly deal.
It is extremely necessary for this to happen, so the Cowboys can afford to bring back Cooper and Jones. If this happens, McCarthy’s tenure as HC can start with vast success and a long playoff run.

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