The NFL Combine is a place for college players to put their talents on display for the entire league before the draft.
Players will be put through a selection of drills made to showcase their traits such as speed, agility, and physical strength.

Before the combine commences, our writers have composed a variety of simulations for the Dallas Cowboys draft picks.

Dallas currently is without a 6th round pick due to trading it to Miami in exchange for Robert Quinn (2019 Cowboys’ sack leader).

After much thought and work put it, these are a couple of ways this 2020 draft can go.

Davis Wilson’s Mock

17 – Grant Delpit – S – LSU
51 – Jalen Reagor – WR – TCU
82 – Jaylon Johnson – CB – Utah
113 – Albert Okwuegbunam – TE – Missouri
147 – Raequan Williams – DT – Michigan State
209 – Trajan Bandy – CB – Miami

Grant Delpit

The Dallas Cowboys need a safety. It is pretty simple. Grant Delpit will, with little doubt, be their guy if he is there when they pick. Drawing early comparisons to Tyrann Mathieu, Delpit is an aggressive, attacking playmaker who can create turnovers, disrupt pass attempts and get to the quarterback whenever he wants.

A common knock on him is his open-field tackling ability, but I would not worry about that, as he spent most of last season nursing an ankle injury. If Delpit is still on the board, this one is a no-brainer.

Jalen Reagor

Jalen Reagor is not regarded as a big-time wide receiver in this upcoming draft, but he should be. Due to inconsistent to poor quarterback play during his last two seasons, Reagor’s name has been mentioned less and less, but despite that, he still put up big-time numbers. He may seem short for his position but he makes up for it with his strength, incredible athletic ability, and speed.

Reagor’s stock will likely rise in the coming weeks due to the combine, so I am skeptical about whether or not he will fall this far, but, if he does, he will be an exciting addition to the Cowboys’ offense.

Jaylon Johnson

It is going to kill me if the Cowboys end up letting Byron Jones go, but unfortunately, that looks like the direction in which things are headed. Assuming that happens, the Cowboys will need a replacement. While Jaylon Johnson is not going to immediately be the shutdown guy that Byron Jones has been, he has the tools to get there. His long build makes him a good matchup with big receivers and his speed and aggression make him a potential turnover creator, which is something that the Cowboys desperately need.

Jaylon Johnson is another guy who could very easily rise in the next few weeks, but if this guy is on the board he would be an excellent pick.

Albert Okwuegbunam

Jason Witten could be out the door, this time for good, so the Cowboys need to find a replacement. Blake Jarwin is a big play receiver but Dallas needs consistency. Okwuegbunam is a great receiver and a really big target for Dak Prescott.

While he will not bring the consistency that Jason Witten once brought, he will be a considerable upgrade from last year’s tight end position.

Raequan Williams

Williams is a massive inside defensive lineman who basically clogs up the front of the defense. The Cowboys faired well in run defense this year but last year’s second-round selection Trysten Hill does not seem to be working out, so they are already in the market for a new run stopper. Williams would provide depth for the defensive line and could potentially be a solid contributor down the line.

Trajan Bandy

Like I said above, the cornerback position could be thinning out soon, so depth is going to be something the Cowboys look to improve in the draft. Trajan Bandy is a fun guy. He is really fast and is an exciting player to watch. To start he would certainly be a backup but at some point, he could be a spark plug playmaker for a Dallas Cowboys defense that sometimes lacks energy.

Rudy Argueta’s Mock

Xavier Mckinney – S – Alabama
Neville Gallimore – DT – Oklahoma
Logan Wilson – LB – Wyoming
Troy Pride Jr. – CB – Notre Dame
Anthony Gordon – QB – Washington St.
Stephen Sullivan – TE – LSU

Xavier Mckinney

The safety spot is a blur for the Cowboys, and the draft is the perfect place to address that need. McKinney brings with him a much-needed attitude change. His explosiveness off the ball and hammer droppings hits would be a game-changer for Dallas. This defense lacks aggressive gameplay and Xavier McKinney will fix just that.

The Cowboys will finally have someone roaming the backfield that will put fear in opposing receivers and make them think twice about catching down the middle.

Neville Gallimore

Dallas has a problem on their hands with most of their interior lineman all being up for contracts. Maliek Collins, Michael Bennett, and Tyrone Crawford could potentially all play elsewhere next season. Gallimore would make an instant impact on this team. His high motor tagged up with his incredible strength makes him a disruptive player on the line.

This will be an enormous help towards helping the run game, as well as giving Demarcus Lawrence someone to pressure the QB.

Logan Wilson

Dallas has already paid Jaylon Smith, and Vander Esch is barely entering his 3rd year. However, Logan has that “Sean Lee” mentality that allows him to be at the right place at the right time. During his 4 years in college, he tallied up over 400 tackles showing his strength and nose for the football.

At the very least, Wilson will be a great depth player who stays ready in case of an emergency.

Troy Pride Jr.

Dallas could address cornerbacks early on, but in this case, Troy would be an exceptional pick for them on day 3. His ability to keep his eyes on the quarterbacks makes him excel in zone coverage. Even though he isn’t the biggest guy on the field, Troy doesn’t play scared against any receiver. When the ball is in the air, it becomes an all-out battle for it that he tends to win more than he loses. The Cowboys starting corners are in for a fight if Pride finds himself in Dallas.

Anthony Gordon

As we’ve seen many times, the backup quarterback position can become crucial at any given time. Ask the Eagles from 2017, or the 2019 Chiefs who relied on Moore to win 2 out of 3 games while Mahomes was out.

Gordon would be an instant upgrade over Cooper Rush in Dallas. He’d also help the development of other receivers on the team. Having a quality backup QB could be a big help, and that is exactly what Gordon brings to the Cowboys.

Stephen Sullivan

Normally Dallas wouldn’t go out of their way to snag a TE that can’t block well. However, under a new coach, Mike McCarthy, Sullivan could be an ideal weapon for him. Sullivan has all the traits of a receiver but built big enough to play as a tight end. This could fit perfectly in McCarthy’s scheme of getting some mismatches. Sullivan’s speed and size could cause chaos for opposing teams if utilized correctly.

Their needs will vary throughout the free agency process making it that much more difficult to predict these picks. At the end of the day, the possibilities are endless for the Cowboys.

For now, we prepare for the NFL Combine and see who’s stock rises, and who’s stock will take hit.

Featured Image: Dallas Morning News
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