The Dallas Cowboys 2019-2020 ended with having a lot of notable players who have the chance to be up for grabs.
And it’s a lot more than you think.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 (and a little more) to see which players we should keep, or which ones we should cut.

*This list is in no particular order.

1) QB Dak Prescott

It’s sad that I even have to type more than one word. Despite the noise that social media is making, letting Dak Prescott walk would be one of the most idiotic things the Cowboys front office has done; and they have pulled a lot of idiotic stunts. Dak showed off with a nearly 5,000 yard passing season. And he’s not done yet. This is the most obvious keep on this list.

2) WR Tavon Austin

This one is a little tricky. To say Tavon Austin was useless would be a lie. He had the potential of making great plays and had done so a little bit last season. However, I would argue that the Cowboys wouldn’t lose the possibility of making the playoffs next year without him. I say let us see what he’s wanting money-wise and base our opinion from there. Meantime, eh, cut?

3) WR Randall Cobb

This is also tricky. During the season, I liked to joke about Cobb’s weekly drop of each game, but sometimes (a lot of times) they happened in the worst moments. But then again, Cobb has times where he looks absolutely unreal (*wink wink* rewatch the Lions and Vikings game). And who knows how Cobb would perform under his old head coach. I’m almost 50/50 on this one, but I’ll go with keep.

4) WR Amari Cooper

This is a very obvious keep. No discussion needed. We didn’t give up a first-rounder for nothing. Next.

5) TE Jason Witten

Oh, this one hurts my heart. Good ole reliable. The continuous, laddering mindset of Witten over Jarwin that the coaching had was so numbing to see. It would be ridiculous watching Witten get 5 or 6 yards max while Jarwin was cashing in 20 or 30 YAC’s (Yards After Catch) every time the ball was in his hands.

The tug and pull with this one just comes from growing up watching Witten ball, but I would rather cut Witten if it means watching him get forced the ball instead of Jarwin. I’m leading with cut, which pains me to type.

6) C/G Joe Looney

Have you ever heard a ref say “False start. Offense. Number 73. 5-yard penalty. Replay *blank* down” No? Yeah, me either; that’s due to the fact that Looney never had one. With any NFL team. Looney does his job. That’s ground to keep him from me. I am gonna go out on a limb and say I have no real problems with any of our OL keeping their job. Maybe Connor Williams, but that changes like the seasons.

7) DE Robert Quinn

The Dallas Cowboys got the Quinn trade for two snickers bars and a lukewarm cup of hot chocolate. Needless to say, it was a deal of a lifetime, and even with the struggle that our defense has had, he still shined. 11 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, and 13 tackles for a loss. This is a definite keep.

8) DL Michael Bennett

I was joyfully surprised when I heard Bennett would be joining us. I knew he was a baller; I just didn’t understand why he wore his sleeves that way. Sleeves or no sleeves, I was happy when I got the news of his trade to us. That was until I heard “Offside” and “Neutral Zone Infraction” way too many times. I was tired of screaming at my TV telling Bennett to get back way before the ball was snapped. He did record 4 sacks with us, but I’m gonna go with cut.

9) LB Sean Lee

Lee is like another Witten to me. He wants to play and if he were to go somewhere else to do so, it would hurt to see.

That being said, Lee is 50/50. He has missed tackles and he is a walking injury. But I can’t seem to let the past, and that game he had against the Rams, go. Depending on Lee’s stance with our money situation: I’m going to go with keep.

10) CB Byron Jones

Please make no mistake about it, Jones is so far from terrible. I see a lot of Cowboys nation give up on him, but for most, it’s only because of one thing: interceptions. It’s no secret that the whole Cowboys secondary are allergic to picks. But for Byron Jones that surprisingly doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is when Chido doesn’t get his head around, and then is called for PI. Or when Heath decides he wants to be slung around the field, and miss his tackles. They don’t get picks either.

In my opinion, interceptions are great, but a CB isn’t just about getting picks. It’s about not allowing big gains or touchdowns. The bottom line is that it doesn’t happen all time that Jones gets beat, and maybe he doesn’t get picks because QB’s don’t throw his way. If it were up to me, it would be a keep.

Honorable Mentions

LB Malcolm Smith: Sure, he actually performed well during our loss against Philly. Keep.

CB Anthony Brown: I’d keep.

K Kai Forbath: I would give my all of my salary to keep Kai “SixBedroom” Forbath.

S Jeff Heath: If he gets his act together, then sure.

LS L.P. Ladouceur: Might as well make it 15 years. Keep.

DL Kerry Hyder: Uh…

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