The 2019-2020 season was another hit and miss for the team. Yet with all the blunder from our 8-8 season, a promising figure shined through.
Dak Prescott has always performed well since his rookie season, and he has shown that he has what it takes to take his Cowboys team to a Super Bowl.

The burning issue this past season has been the fact that Dak is in the last year of his rookie contract, and he hasn’t exactly been underperforming enough to where he shouldn’t be seeing more green in his future.

The question is. “How much is too money and What isn’t enough?” Stephen Jones made the comment, “He deserves everything that he has coming.”

So, what does that mean? Is Dak getting his big contract, or franchise tagged?

Prescott had an amazing season with 277 rushing yards, 4,902 passing yards (some yards short of passing Romo, wink wink), ranked 10th in passer rating, and fourth in QBR. Easy to say he was impressive. Before the season started, Prescott decided to turn down 30 million per year, reported by Jane Slater. And it’s hard to blame him with Jared Goff coming with a $33 million contract and rookie rival Carson Wentz also getting a $30 million contract. Dak has, not even arguably, had much better performative season than both of those quarterbacks.


Dak has been relaxed with his previous interviews implying that when it happens, then it’ll happen and it’ll be great. A newer interview tells that Prescott definitely wishes that something should have been done sooner, and he’s disappointed that something hadn’t been done earlier. 

Knowing the Dallas organization, it’s not hard to believe that a franchise tag is very probable for his 2020-2021. But it’s a question that poses if Dallas will have to say goodbye to other notable players. Especially defensive players, such as Byron Jones or Robert Quinn, if Dak does get his big payday.

This may be a situation that we might have to wait to see how it plays out. This isn’t a thing of not flat out paying our quarterback, an idea some particular type of Cowboys fans would cheer on, but it’s simple.

Dak isn’t leaving Dallas. I mean I seriously doubt Jerry, nor McCarthy, would be content with Cooper Rush or drafting a quarterback in the draft for the next season.

This is a two-ended, pennied circumstance.
Is Dak gonna get his big bucks, or a tag on his toe?

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