Dez Bryant has made it adamantly known that he wants to make a return to the NFL in 2020.

He has also strongly declared that he wants to return to Dallas with that star with on his helmet.

According to his Twitter, Bryant thinks that McCarthy and the coaching staff should, “Give me the role they gave Witten”. He goes on to suggest that an offense with Zeke, Pollard, Cooper, Gallup, Cobb, Jarwin, and himself would be lethal.

I do think Dez could be a potentially helpful weapon in the Cowboys offense if he can keep his ego off the field and put the team first.  If the Cowboys were to make this move I believe it would be essential to sign Bryant early in the free agency period in order to ensure that he is in game shape.

This is a problem that encountered Bryant in his first comeback attempt in 2018 with the New Orleans Saints when in his first workout with the team he tore his Achilles.  I could see Bryant working well as a security blanket for Dak Prescott similar to Witten, but probably with a little bit more explosiveness and swagger. If Dak and Dez can squash any beef the two had and Dez was willing to accept his role as a 4th or 5th option, the fit could be perfect.

It would take some time for everyone to adjust, but at a minimum/or very small deal I have no question that Dez Bryant can contribute for the Cowboys and help Prescott progress as a player and be a security blanket/3rd down option.

While it might not be too likely, it is definitely an intriguing option to bring the fan-favorite #88 home.

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