Today marks the 60th anniversary of the creation of the Dallas Cowboys. America’s Team!
Us fans have been through it with the antics of this team, but one thing is for sure, we love this team.

In celebration of the blue and silver, let’s start the countdown with the best of these decades!

The 60’s: The creation of the Dallas Cowboys

We can’t include a celebration of the Dallas Cowboys without the first game of their season. Which by the way: they went 0-11-1. Yeah, I wish I didn’t have to include that, but you know, sorry. Under the management of Clint Murchison and Bedford Wynne, the Cowboys had a long way to go…

The 70’s: The National Sensation that are the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

DCC are the most imitated and popular cheerleaders in any sports franchise. In the late 1970s, Tex Schramm turned the CowBelles and Beaux into America’s Sweethearts. (I know a lot of people probably want the original Hail Mary in this spot, but we gotta give our lovely ladies, DCC, some love.)

The 80’s: NFL Legends

Troy Aikman. Jimmy Johnson. Michael Irvin. Jerry Jones. Hershel Walker (yikes). The takeover of Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson foreshadowed some of the best football we’ve seen from the Cowboys organization in its history. So, of course, the addition of two DC legends have to be included.

The 90’s: We are the Champions!

Bringing along Emmitt Smith, Darren Woodson, and Deion Sanders brought great success for Dallas. With three Superbowls and only two seasons without a playoff appearance, the ’90s were elite years for America’s Team.

The 00’s: His Name is Romo…

The signing of the free agent, Tony Romo definitely changed the face of the DC era. Painfully, there was not a whole lot of playoff success. And what playoff success we had ended in absolute heartbreak. But we did get what was the statistically best Cowboys quarterback. And the best part, we got a Dallas icon for life.

The 10’s: 214

The 2015 draft gave us a bright look for the road ahead. Dak Prescott’s and Ezekiel Elliot’s rookie year was the hope that Cowboys fans needed and deserved to see after a whole decade of disappointment. And even though we’ve seen our fair share of tragedy within this decade, there is nothing but a hope that our 214 can get it done for the future.

Now the Dallas Cowboys have such an illustrious history that of course, I didn’t include a lot of events and important events. So for the sake of it, I’ll mention some very honorable mentions…
The trade to draft Tony Dorsett, Dorsett’s 99-yard run, the building of the AT&T stadium, becoming America’s Team (duh), drafting of Roger Staubach, hiring of Tom Landry, The Hershel Walker trade (yikes), Dez Bryant non-catch.

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