It wasn’t a shock when Cowboys nation found out their old head coach was taking a trip to a division rival, the New York Giants.
As towards the end of his playing career, Garrett was a backup quarterback playing behind Kerry Collins. Most of us said our congratulations and kept it moving with our own.

However, speculation at ESPN involving a certain Dallas Cowboys tight-end perked up our ears. Before the start of the 2019-2020 season, fans were excited to welcome back Ol’ Reliable, Jason Witten, to a one year contract back home. Then we all saw the usual for the Dallas Cowboys. The season started out spectacular, then to disaster, then to hope, finally ending with heartbreak. And after one season back, Jason Witten does not want to be done.

With the entering of Mike McCarthy, there hasn’t been any rush to extend key players, especially Witten.

Maybe it’s too early for player extensions because the focus is all on getting the coaching positions solidified, but it’s starting to look like he won’t be getting anything.

With that being said, Witten wants to play, and he doesn’t have a problem playing for his coach. No matter where.

With TE Evan Engram, who doesn’t stay healthy much, being sidelined for a while (until training camp) the Giants might be in need of back-up, or even better, number two tight-end. It would a weird thing to see Jason Witten, a Dallas Cowboys legend sporting Giants gear. Almost heartbreaking.

Now obviously this is just speculation, but it’s very believable speculation. It definitely isn’t hard to believe that Jason Witten: a player wanting to play, yet doesn’t have the chance to play where he wants to play, playing where he does get a chance to play….

Would you rather Witten be given another chance in Dallas, or him riding off into a Giants sunset with Jason Garrett?

Featured Image: Fort Worth-Star Telegram
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