After the hire of our new head coach, Mike McCarthy, there was a wipeout of most of our coaches except the new offensive coordinator, Kellen Moore.
McCarthy brought along old partners to his new team, and so far, they are solid hires.

Let’s take a look and analyze my number one best hire and my number one questionable hire for this new Dallas Cowboys team.

There is an obvious answer to one of the best hires that McCarthy enlisted, and that’s special teams coordinator John “Bones” Fassel. The former Los Angeles Rams coach started his NFL career with a few years with the Baltimore Ravens and with the Oakland Raiders until he later made a stop with the Rams for 7 years.

Bones is regarded as one of the best special teams coaches in the NFL, and with a 30th ranked special team, this was definitely a great hire for the Dallas Cowboys.  In 2017, he had four of his special team players headed to the Superbowl.

According to Pro Football Reference, he has had a top 10 special teams for 6 out of 10 years and has only been above a top 20 special teams twice in these 10 years.

Needless to say with the struggles we have seen this year, Fassel was definitely a needed hire.

I have trust in Mike McCarthy’s judgment for a quarterbacks coach. He has spent numerous years with one of this decade’s best quarterbacks. With all that said, I wasn’t too hyped for the release of Jon Kitna for Doug Nussmeier, who was the tight ends coach for the Cowboys. I don’t want to tear down Nussmeier because who knows what he can accomplish with Dak. The potential issue I see really has nothing to do with stats or rankings.

During the hires and fires that Coach McCarthy was conducting, it was noted that he had yet to even speak to Dak. So if you haven’t had a conversation with your quarterback yet, does it really make sense to fire his coach right off the bat? It would have been completely different if Kitna was a failure and Dak didn’t get better, but both of those didn’t happen. Kitna is beloved in Cowboys Nation because of his work and Dak’s improvement has been shown so much in this season. I just think it is a strange hire and fire if Dak had absolutely no say in what has clearly been making him better.

This offseason has been a fresh, new change that makes all of our fans so excited.
Almost all of the hires have been a wonderful addition to the Cowboys coaching staff, so let’s hope that the fresh, exciting changes we see in this offseason are reflected in next season’s game.

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