Either it’s a bittersweet goodbye or happy case of good riddance. No matter how you feel about it, after 4 days of continuous meetings, Jason Garrett is reportedly out as head coach for the Dallas Cowboys.

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We all thought Jason would be gone by the end of Black Monday. Little did us fans know that this breakup would be tied with the longest time a team has waited to announce a head coach’s departure since the Tennessee Titans ended their season with head coach Mike Munchak after four days following their 2013 season.

Why did it take four days for Jerry and Stephen to give Jason the boot?

Speculation started to seep in and many fans thought, despite Jerry saying no Superbowl= no extension, Jason Garrett was going to keep his head coaching job and stay a part of the Jones family.

There was a rumor that Jason Garrett was going higher up; maybe getting a job as the GM. After day 3, heartbreak for some fans started to set in. Fortunately for them, that wasn’t the case. According to Ed Werder of ESPN and other reports, Garrett’s time was up, and the slow and steady pace of this departure was only out of respect and care for the friendship Jason and Jerry had and the career Jason Garrett gave for 13 seasons.

Being the Dallas Cowboys head coach for this long, Jason Garrett had his fair share of appraisal and criticism. I still can’t help and think about when Garrett won Coach of the Year in 2016 *sigh*. So many fans have for so long wanted and waited for this moment. And it’s kind of hard to believe that the day is finally here. And despite the mediocrity that came about for 13 seasons, you can’t deny that Jason Garrett was a good man who loved this team. But a head coach loving his team won’t win them a Superbowl, not even a NFC championship. Garrett maybe isn’t the only Dallas coach getting fired this offseason, and from what we’ve seen this season, he definitely shouldn’t be.

Now that we have a vacant head coach spot, there are a lot of maybes of who should become the next head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

Some want Urban Meyer. Some want Lincoln Riley, who has already paid a visit to Jerry world and won shall I add. Others want the defensive mind of Robert Saleh. No matter who you got to take the Cowboys to the next level, it all starts with the move of Jerry and the Jones family.

So now that Jason is gone, who’s next?

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