Over the course of 2019, we here at Dallas Sports Nation (DALSportsNation) have loved connecting, interacting, and engaging with our audience on a regular basis across our site and various social media platforms.

Dallas-SN (3)Since launching this DALSportsNation site in July 2016, we’ve taken great strides in our coverage.

Let’s review some of the highlights from 2019.

All stats up to date as of 12/29/2019.

Top 3 Online Referrers (FB & TW non-included)

  1. Search Engine
  2. Bleacher Report
  3. Reddit

Top 5 Viewing Countries Outside of the U.S. (descending order)

  1. Phillippines
  2. Slovenia
  3. Canada
  4. Mexico
  5. Germany

Top Listened to DALSportsNation Podcasts (descending order)

  1. Rangers Nation Podcast
  2. Dallas Power Hour

Top 5 Viewed DALSportsNation Bloggers (descending order)

  1. John Moore, Rangers Nation
  2. Rylan Coulter, Mavericks Nation
  3. Chris Frasier, Mavericks Nation
  4. Joe Carrillo, Rangers Nation
  5. Craig Nakagai, Stars Nation

Top 10 Viewed DALSportsNation Articles (descending order)

  1. Jalen Brunson: Hiding in Plain Sight
  2. Houston, We Have A Problem!

  3. Baseball Is Just a Game

  4. What Now? Rangers Lose out on Rendon, Donaldson

  5. What Does Jordan Lyles Signing Mean for the Rangers?

  6. The Odor in the Room

  7. Do The Rangers Have An Odor And Leclerc Problem?

  8. The Ugly Truth: One Too Many

  9. Trade Rumors: Blake Griffin to the Mavericks?

  10. The Rougie Solution

And of course, thanks to our wonderful managers…

Thank you to all our DALSportsNation fans and audience! We do this every day, for you – THE FAN!
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