News broke last night that Anthony Rendon has accepted an offer to play third base for the Los Angeles Angels. The contract is a whopping 7 years and $245 million. That averages out to $35 million a year.

The Rangers apparently came in second place with a 6 year $200 million dollar offer with an option for a 7th year. Before the offseason got started, the Rangers had indicated they were not comfortable going over 5 years. Word also came out that Rendon turned down a 7-year contract extension with Washington that had deferred money. After factoring out the deferments, that left a contract of 7 years and $170 million according to Adam Morris of Lonestar Ball. Rendon was the top target for the Rangers this offseason. It is apparent they were serious by the offer they put forward. However, the guaranteed seventh year closed the deal for the Angels.

Most Ranger fans assumed that Josh Donaldson was next. However, Levi Weaver from the Athletic broke the news that the Rangers are moving on from Donaldson. He was seeking 4 years and Texas wasn’t ready to commit to that.  This sent Twitter into an uproar. Understandably, there was disappointment and frustration that the Rangers were missing on the top two third basemen in free agency.

What now?

The Rangers have never been afraid to change course when things didn’t pan out like they hoped. Adrian Beltre was a second choice after Cliff Lee spurned the Ranger and went to Philadelphia. Texas has also been creating the last couple of years during their rebuild. Instead of signing overpriced free agents, they took flyers on players and flipped them at the deadline. Kolby Allard was acquired is a trade for Chris Martin, who signed in Texas after a year in Japan.

This year things are different. Not only can they get creative, but they have money to spend. Yes, I know their offer wasn’t enough for Rendon.

They could easily absorb a money dump by another team. Arenado or Bryant in a trade? The Rangers would have to deplete their farm system for either one of those. So get creative.


I trade Brock Burke to the San Francisco Giants for Evan Longoria and $10 million towards the remaining salary. He is the same age as Donaldson and cheaper without ten million. He can be bought out after three years for $5 million.

I sign Nicholas Castellanos for 4 years $58 million. He is now my right-handed first baseman, DH and possibly RF when an all right-handed lineup is needed.

I sign Dallas Keuchel to 3 years $39 million.

Opening Day Roster/Lineup

  • Choo DH
  • Calhoun LF
  •  Castellanos 1B
  • Gallo LF
  •  Santana CF
  •  Longoria 3B
  •  Andrus SS
  •  Odor 2B
  •  Trevino C

Rotation: Minor, Lynn, Keuchel, Gibson, Lyles

Bench: Mathis, Solak, Deshields, Guzman

Bullpen: Clase, Martin, Palumbo, Rodriguez, Chavez, Montero, Evans

Closer: Leclerc

Featured Image: AP
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