The Mavericks’ four-game winning streak was brought to an abrupt end last night versus the Los Angeles Clippers. It marked the first time the club was beaten by more than ten points this year.

Although disappointing the loss exposed many of the team’s inadequacies. So its rather timely to hear the resurfacing reports of the Mavericks interest in Andre Iguodala. The NBA’s rumor meal is non-stopped and always evolving. Yet every situation is circumstantial to a certain degree.

Brian Windhorst of ESPN  and Andre Iguodala of the Memphis Grizzlies.

Former NBA champion and current Memphis Grizzle Andre Iguodala has been touted as a potential target of the Mavericks since this offseason. Brian Windhorst of ESPN recently gave these old reports a new life by voiding the team’s documented interest.

The re-purposed notion was initially reported by Mike Fisher in July. He explained the Mavericks had/ have a strong desire to shed the contract of Courtney Lee in an effort to upgrade the roster.

Lee and a second-round pick were offered for Iguodala and reports suggest that’s still the deal on the table. The Grizz made it clear they aren’t interested in waiving the defensive stand-out so a deal is imminent. Lee’s $12.759 million salaries were enough to scare off the Grizzlies initially but as the Mavericks move closer and closer to contention this move should gain momentum.

Iguodala adds a dimension the Mavericks could utilize. High basketball acumen and all-around grit best describe his style play. Couple this with his proven ability to knock down shots and the fit is obvious.

The fact remains these rumors are still true. The Mavs continue to be opportunistic in there approach to team building and this is yet another example of that. Iggy’s championship experience not only strengthens the roster but it accelerates the organization’s belief in early ultimate success.

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