The first season in North Texas Soccer Club’s history has ended and what a season it has been for the team. With the conclusion of the season, it’s time to look at how the players have done, review, and grade their performance.
First up: Goalkeepers

Carlos Avilez // Grade: A-

The young, 20-year-old, Mexican-American goalkeeper has been on a USL contract with FC Dallas since 2017 and finally saw USL action with North Texas SC in 2019. Having played in 20 games over the course of the season, he faced 71 shots, conceded 25 goals, had 9 clean sheets. This isn’t a bad showing at all for a player who grew in confidence and ability over the course of the season.

It has been difficult for him after signing a USL contract and not having the opportunity to face professional competition after a 2017 loan spell with Tulsa Roughnecks. 2019 was a better season that will help his growth and development as he grows older as a player. Getting the chance to play professional minutes will help iron out some of the rougher edges in his game at a competitive level which is a healthy challenge for him.

By no means was this a bad season for Avilez and quite frankly it was the opposite. While conceding 25 goals in 20 games is higher than desired, much of it comes from the defense and Avilez himself making mistakes but learning over the course of the season.

The biggest takeaway for Avilez is getting those valuable minutes in goal in a professional environment as getting those minutes as a young player is hard to come by in a position that has reduced activity in comparison to the field players. A good season for Avilez which lays the foundation for the 2020 season.

Kyle Zobeck // Grade: A

Kyle Zobeck has been a familiar face around the FC Dallas organization for some time now and it’s great that he was able to find some game time. After playing 5 games, facing 22 shots, conceding 3 goals, and 2 clean sheets Zobeck did his duty for North Texas SC.

Zobeck’s impact with the club went much further than the 18-yard box that he commands during matches. His experience as a professional was much needed for the young team that makes up the core of North Texas SC. He was in constant communication with his backline during matches as he helped organize his defense. Before and after games, he went around talking with younger players and appeared to be giving advice to his teammates.

Zobeck’s biggest contribution in the 2019 season was his USL League One Final heroics in subduing the damage the Greenville Triumph SC could have imparted in the final moments of the Final. It’s great that Zobeck saw minutes this season while and when he was called upon, he performed and was a leader on this team.

Jimmy Maurer // Grade: A

Like Zobeck, Jimmy Maurer’s experience was invaluable for the young players on North Texas SC. Maurer played in 5 games, faced 22 shots, conceded 3 goals, and had 3 clean sheets. Maurer was vocal with his defense, but his shot-stopping ability is what kept many of the goals out of the net for North Texas SC. He had consistent performances over the course of the season.

It was a difficult season for him where he played for FC Dallas and North Texas SC. Despite the movement up and down from both teams, Maurer was a professional by performing as required regardless of the team that he was playing with.

It was a good season for the North Texas SC goalkeepers who performed over the course of the season. The future looks promising with Carlos Avilez coming through the ranks and has the guidance from veteran players in Jimmy Maurer and Kyle Zobeck.

Feature Image: North Texas SC
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